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    The silent assassin

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 11/06/2019

    » The downpour that began late last month declares that Thailand has officially entered the rainy season. But it also serves as a warning sign to stay vigilant for dengue fever.


    A brush with sophistication

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 05/06/2019

    » On a recent Saturday in a packed James Christie Room at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Rahul Kadakia kicked off the auction at 5.30pm sharp. From there the figures quickly rose to dizzying heights, not unlike the skyscrapers that dot the metropolis.


    Chronic issues

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 04/06/2019

    » At midnight, Vasu* was still struggling to keep his eyes closed. In a bid to cure to his chronic insomnia, the 28-year-old decided to try cannabis oil for the first time. After putting two drops under his tongue, he started to feel tranquilised. The self-administration continued until he'd eventually consumed a total of 40 drops. By 3am, Vasu had begun to hallucinate. He saw demons and had a double-vision alongside other symptoms such as a stiff tongue, speech difficulty, limb spasticity, nausea, vomiting and palpitations. In the end, he was rushed to hospital.


    Freezing the damage

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 20/05/2019

    » Having travelled around the world, including to the Arctic and Antarctic, to observe, collect and study specimens with a mission to save the deteriorating planet from climate change, marine scientist Assoc Prof Suchana Chavanich and her team now have a new job description.

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    The return of a sexual scourge

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 15/05/2019

    » A 15-year-old girl is pregnant with twins. Her partner is also 15. Set aside the concern that the couple are too young to start a family, the teen mum also has syphilis.


    Show them the way

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 13/05/2019

    » It's something of a surprise that, until now, the United Nations has never released a recommendation on physical activity for children under the age of five. Now, at least, the international agency realises that it is important to have proper guidelines for little ones who, after all, represent the future of our planet.

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    A kitchen calamity

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 08/05/2019

    » Nathinee Jiamprasert approached the MasterChef Thailand judging table with full confidence as she served a menu called Shanghai frog, which basically is a breadcrumb frog dish topped with spring onions.


    Reinventing Thai silk

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 07/05/2019

    » Iconcraft, a platform in Iconsiam where Thai artists and craftsmen can showcase their talent, recently launched its newest fashion brand, Sane Sober. The brand is a brainchild of new-generation designers Thanart Boramanand and Yanakorn Phattrawanit.

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    The Indian influence

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 06/05/2019

    » The entire country has finally witnessed the majestic splendour of King Rama X's coronation, which abounds in exquisite art and crafts that have been passed on for more than a century. Since the establishment of the Chakri Dynasty by King Rama I in 1782, the Kingdom has seen 11 coronations held for eight kings. King Rama X's ceremony is the 12th in the Rattanakosin era.


    Wake up and smell the coffee

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 02/05/2019

    » Coffee is a big business. The world's population drinks around 3.5 billion cups of coffee every day, according to a 2017 research paper. But your cup of joe is responsible for a large amount of waste too -- starting from the farm all the way to the cafe.

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