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    A very special French connection

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 20/03/2014

    » ‘I often go to Uniqlo during my lunch break, and I buy clothes as a small reward to myself, which is always reasonable.

  • TECH

    A Window of Real Opportunity

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 13/12/2013

    » Festive season, a time of goodwill and lots of warm-hearted cheer. New Year, a time of anticipation and resolve to take that next important step forward.

  • LIFE

    Intel to extend the computer horizon

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 18/12/2013

    » Driving the future with innovation. Innovation, it has been said, "lights the way to the story of the future." Nowhere is that idea held more firmly, followed more fervently, and transformed into real products more consistently, than at multinational semiconductor chip maker Intel.

  • LIFE

    One step closer to a dream job courtesy of L’Oreal Thailand

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 20/12/2013

    » 'I finally have a chance to develop my professional skill by taking free training offered by the L'Oreal Beautiful Tomorrows programme. After learning the basic hair washing techniques I'm now taking classes on hair colouring theory and practice. I feel overwhelmed and really appreciate this wonderful opportunity. This great gift from L'Oreal Thailand means I'm one step closer to my dream job."


    'Unwrapping an Ultrabook'

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 27/12/2012

    » It's been said that when Intel innovates, the world takes notice. And when in May 2011 Intel Corporation revealed its 'Ultrabook' vision with 21 devices launched in the Ultrabook inaugural year, the world also quickly realised something special was taking place.


    The Perfect Address from Which to Start a New Year

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 12/12/2012

    » For many, this holiday season is about shopping and enjoying the festivities. For some, it is also quite literally about securing a whole new outlook in terms of living space, either in the city or perhaps in the form of a get-away retreat by the sea.

  • LIFE

    Starbucks Brings Back the Joy of Sharing

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 19/12/2012

    » A phrase commonly heard in support groups and perhaps used when we feel a little uncomfortable at hearing another's tale of hardship is "Thank you for sharing." The notion of sharing troubles and tribulations has long fed an industry of Agony Aunts whose advice to their unseen correspondents is summarised and syndicated to newspaper readers worldwide.

  • LIFE

    The Oreo Effect Continues to Work its Magic

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 27/12/2012

    » Almost everyone has an Oreo memory, whether it's reliving a childhood family experience or engaging in a debate about the origin of the name of the world's most popular cookie that first delighted an American public in 1912.

  • TECH

    HP products live up to best in class reputation

    Life, Kelvin Rugg, Published on 27/12/2012

    » 'Fast, capable and very well built." That straightforward, but complimentary comment came from a reviewer of the HP ENVY 4 TouchSmartUltrabook.Compliments come easily for any of us asked to comment on HP products. We expect them to be not only good, but the best in their class, and the HP Holiday Time 2012 selection does not disappoint.

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