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    Fact or fiction?

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 21/02/2019

    » It is common knowledge that the KGB weren't above using sex in its spying activities. Books were written and movies made about it. What isn't generally known is that the Russian Federation's FSB are not only continuing the practice but expanding it.


    Virtuoso one-man show about a woman

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 02/05/2018

    » I Am My Own Wife, a one-man play based on the life of German antiquarian Charlotte von Mahlsdorf -- a transgender and founder of the Gründerzeit Museum in Berlin, and who survived the Nazi and Communist regimes -- will be playing on a Bangkok stage starting on Friday.


    The midlife crisis

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 09/03/2018

    » What newlyweds with stars in their eyes aren't told by their elders is that there will be speed bumps in the marriage. One of the more common is the so-called seven-year-itch. The figure is approximate and refers to either or both parties being irresistibly drawn to others several years into a relationship. Usually he or she does nothing about -- but if they do, they take lovers.


    Mighty Egypt

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 02/03/2015

    » Octogenarian Wilbur Smith, African born and bred, has been penning African-set novels for more than half his life. He has no rivals — his own critics label him the top historical adventure author in the business.

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