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    The best LGBT films of 2013

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 20/12/2013

    » 2013 has proved historic for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people around the world. Many countries _ France, Uruguay, New Zealand _ legalised same-sex marriage. In the United States, the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, opening the door for many states to legalise same-sex marriage.


    Walking the thin line

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 28/11/2013

    » When discussing LGBT, the letter that sometimes gets the least airtime is L, which represents "lesbian". While coverage of gay and transgender people seems to have increased, lesbians remain a minority within the minority. As a reporter interested in the issue, I always want to write more about the lesbian community in Thailand and elsewhere.


    Man of the moment

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 11/10/2013

    » Narin Palanuraksa's office is rather empty, just a table with a computer. Not many possessions are on the shelf but there are a variety of magazines hailing from all over the world. It's obvious to visitors that he has only moved in recently.


    The power of pride

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 31/10/2013

    » Ihave just returned from my second visit to Taipei, a beautiful city with a lot to offer. Famed for its modernity, vibrant street life and political passion, Taipei holds another significance that not many Thais know about _ it is home to Asia's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parade.


    Accept no imitations

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 12/09/2013

    » Compared to other art forms, contemporary dance showcases don't come by these shores all that often. Luckily for Bangkokians, from tomorrow until Sunday, local audiences will be treated with a spectacle performance created by a group of Australian and Thai dancers.


    School of rock

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 13/09/2013

    » For those about to rock, we educate you. After more than two decades in the local and international music industry, Chomthawat Yongkittikul wondered whether there was a new business model that he should turn to. He tried to recall what he and other people had wanted when they were young, and he realised it was a music school where you don't feel obliged but instead inspired.


    Dum and dumber

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 18/09/2013

    » It seems that the more media channels we have access to, the greater the amount of upsetting or annoying news that can reach us every day, putting our patience or our judgement to the test.


    Heart of stone

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 18/09/2013

    » Stone sculptures that adorn an Italian spa town have come to symbolise a bilateral relationship _ and inspire new art pieces in a faraway land. Maitree Siriboon, a contemporary artist from Ubon Ratchathani, has bridged the East and West through his special pieces dedicated to the renowned Italian artist Galileo Chini.


    Downplaying the politics

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 20/09/2013

    » Singapore in the early 1960s. Political and racial tensions are escalating as the British prepare to withdraw from one of their oldest colonies. Members of cut-throat Chinese secret societies share the same back streets as well-paid European expats slumming it in the island's fleshpots. This is the backdrop to Serangoon Road, HBO Asia's first original series.


    Volleyball? It's an LGBT thing..

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 26/09/2013

    » I could hear my neighbour scream hysterically when our women's volleyball team beat Japan to be crowned Asian Champions last Saturday. It was simply the best game in the tournament, and these long-legged ladies made the nation and their fans _ a lot of them gay _ proud, especially me.

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