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    The 'scene', in all its glory

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 28/12/2017

    » It was a busy year for Thai theatre. Life highlights a few trends and picks the best productions of 2017


    Beaming a light on human absurdity

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 10/08/2017

    » The latest adaptation effort by playwright-director Parnrut Kritchanchai revolves around the Moon, or rather, around five lonesome souls one Full-Moon night. It is also Parnrut's continued exploration of the melodrama genre in all its manifestations.


    A slow death

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 03/08/2017

    » When Tassakorn Seepuan staged his adaptation of the Greek film Dogtooth at Take-off Festival 2015, a curated platform that showcases work by new graduates, he impressed with strong choreography and clever handling of taboo political topics.


    Self-reflective play examines universal truths

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 30/03/2017

    » Sineenadh Keitprapai and Thanaphon Accawatanyu, two generations of theatre artists, share stories of their dreams, homes and growing up and older in a touching, if not entirely satisfying, collaborative performance, Young Yao (Immature: Adult And Childish Sometimes).


    The ambiguity that obscures

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 16/02/2017

    » One of my favourite poets, Billy Collins, said once: "I think clarity is the real risk in poetry because you are exposed. You're out in the open field. You're actually saying things that are comprehensible, and it's easy to criticise something you can understand."


    Swings and misses

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 15/12/2016

    » These theatre newcomers close 2016 with daring productions. Even though some of the results were uneven, their desire to make meaningful and thought-provoking art is palpable


    The historical made personal

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 06/10/2016

    » We don't know where they are -- a man and a woman, he in a white three-piece suit, she in a white wedding gown. Soon we find out that they don't know where they are either. Then we find out who they are, but soon realise they are not sure.


    The power of love

    Life, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 24/05/2016

    » Love -- as many of us are perhaps too painfully aware -- can sometimes be as bitter as it can be sweet. Like the age old adage tells us, "where there is love, there is suffering"; and yet, love seems to be one of those things that is universally coveted by mankind, as if we expect this ethereal concept of expectations and desire to be the answer to all the world's woes. But what happens when love seems to be the source of those woes? Is it still worth it to hold on to love, even if we are slowly damning ourselves to a lifetime of suffering?


    Thai movies ride the Euro circuit

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 29/01/2016

    » The new year starts with a slate of new Thai films -- and some older ones -- which are already making rounds at the European film festival circuit which began this week.


    Art under stress

    Life, Published on 02/12/2015

    » Life's critics take a look at how artists in different fields reflected upon Thailand's political situation over the past 18 months — or why they chose not to.

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