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    Stopping the next outbreak before it happens

    Life, Nattha Keenapan, Published on 01/05/2018

    » Within days of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that hit the Highlands of Papua New Guinea in February, Medeline Luk heard shouts from her neighbours. From a long distance, they were telling her the news: nurses are coming to the village to vaccinate children.


    When it all came crashing down

    Life, Nattha Keenapan, Published on 23/12/2014

    » On a sunny day in November, local residents, children and young people gathered at Ban Koh Phi Phi School to play and compete in Koh Phi Phi's major football tournament. Playing football had kept Kwanrudee Kaphokla and her teammates close. But what kept them closer was the difficult moments they shared during the tsunami that devastated their island 10 years ago, when Kwanrudee was 13.


    Building a life inside a construction compound

    Life, Nattha Keenapan, Published on 24/09/2013

    » Inside a construction site for a luxurious Bangkok residential project stands a large sign which reads: "The good life begins with a home, a bright future starts with an education."


    No limits to learning

    Life, Nattha Keenapan, Published on 01/04/2013

    » The science class for grade two students at Thairath Wittaya 10 school entails a lot more than science.


    Reaching remote villages with technology

    Life, Nattha Keenapan, Published on 30/10/2012

    » Sumart Lima, a father of two small children in this small village nestled in the mist-shrouded highlands of Chiang Mai's Omkoi district, thinks "people out there should know how we live and what our problems are".


    Conquering fear, Disability

    Life, Nattha Keenapan, Published on 11/09/2012

    » After recording the second-longest distance in the long jump at the National Games for the Disabled earlier this year, Pichit Panachai, 17, told the officiating referee he wasn't finished yet. He then jumped again and again, leaving the referee both dazed and confused.


    Looking through the lens of children's rights

    Life, Nattha Keenapan, Published on 18/05/2012

    » To many people, a Ministry of Education regulation that stipulates a specific hair length for female students in public schools may not appear worthy of discussion by a United Nations committee. But for 17-year-old Munlika Hutamai, who had a chance to voice her opinions about the rights of children in Thailand to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva, Switzerland, earlier this year, the issue reflects what she sees as a major obstacle towards the realisation of children's rights in Thailand: The attitude of adults towards children.


    Saving Thailand's street Children

    Life, Nattha Keenapan, Published on 01/05/2012

    » When Poon* left home in Chiang Mai more than a year ago he loved his new-found freedom _ no adults to answer to, no schools to attend and all the time in the world to hang out and have fun with his new friends on the streets of Thailand's second largest city.

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