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    With the iPad it's easy to get a Life, a Guardian or a New Yorker

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 29/12/2010

    » It seems somehow fitting to write the penultimate eXtensions column on the device that (in my hands finally) is beginning to create major ripples not just through the halls of the computer makers, but the dusty palaces of the news businesses as well.

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    A farewell column: Pastures new

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 05/01/2011

    » In his 2007 introduction to the iPhone, Steve Jobs said it was great to have been involved in not one but three developments that have changed the world. With a little more humility, since I have been in Thailand I have managed to make a few ripples.

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    Comparing the iPod Touch and Nano

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 08/12/2010

    » I have had two iPods on test recently: the iPod Touch and the Nano. Both have had considerable design changes inside and out. The ladies in the Siam Towers office who gave me these devices initially wanted me to have two iPod Touch units: Apple was keen to have me try out FaceTime and, although this was unsuccessful in Singapore due to problems with Wi-Fi access, we tested successfully in Thailand before and after.

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    Proof that even Microsoft can listen to the critics

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 15/12/2010

    » The eXtensions column has not been particularly pro-Microsoft over the years. My students think I hate Bill Gates. Although that is untrue, I do maintain the fiction in class. Some of my colleagues would not change from Redmond's offerings, and for sound reasons.

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    What I have learned: Even MS can impress

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 22/12/2010

    » If teachers never learn anything new, they do a disservice to their students. Likewise, writers should always search for new ideas; inflexibility will not stimulate readers. My recent look at Microsoft Office 2011 has been a nice surprise - I find myself not only liking it, but happy to recommend it to Mac users. For those wondering about changing from other platforms to Apple's OS X, this would make the move relatively painless. The difference in style sometimes confuses those new to Macs (

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    Unleash your creative capabilities with iLife

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 24/11/2010

    » This is my third look at iLife '11, which includes GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and iWeb. Although iTunes is a part of iLife and it integrates with the other parts, it is installed and updated separately, because of its functions as a conduit for online services and synchronising of iOS devices, like the iPhone.

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    Out of town with Apple devices and software

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 01/12/2010

    » I am just recovering from a busy week in Singapore, where the university I work for was co-organising a conference. I volunteered - that was the word my boss used - to help: sending out information with blogs, Twitter and, most importantly, a daily newsletter. I used Pages for the newsletter, which gave me much flexibility in terms of layout, particularly when I was told to cut, add or edit items. I expect to write more on Pages in the new year as an update to the iLife suite is expected, perhaps when Apple's online Mac store opens.

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    Using iPhoto in iLife 11

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 17/11/2010

    » As soon as I had installed iLife '11, I downloaded the 9.0.1 update and ran that before opening iPhoto. During the week, another update to iPhoto was released, bringing it to version 9.1 and returning Calendars to the "Create" selections. No-one is saying why this was missing in the initial release of iLife. I am writing this based on the latest update (9.1) (

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    iPhone 4: A Surprise Purchase

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 06/10/2010

    » I did not think I would be writing this column as, despite registering early with Dtac and already having my name on a True iPhone, I was not invited to any events; nor was I surprised by a smiling delivery-man with a shiny new iPhone 4. Speculation on Twitter and Facebook (how we rely on these nowadays) suggested that 18,000 of the devices went to Dtac, 43,000 to True and 20,000 to another carrier. These figures are unsubstantiated; but whatever the real figure, I confirm I did not get one in the release euphoria.

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    Image software that's cheaper than the 'must-haves'

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 20/10/2010

    » Mac users enjoy access to a rich variety of software and while some of the big names (like Microsoft or Adobe) are often cited, I tend to eschew these for a number of reasons, including economy.

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