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    Why digital tagging can be both a gift and a curse

    Database, James Hein, Published on 22/12/2010

    » Long time readers will know that I support the idea of Google Maps, Google Earth and even Street View. There are a myriad of excellent uses that such technologies can be out to. Like most tools, they can be used in different ways, especially if they are combined with other technologies.

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    As predicted, several predictions were wrong

    Database, James Hein, Published on 29/12/2010

    » It is that time of year when I look back and see how my annual predictions went. This was a bit of a strange year for the technical world because we are still in the effects of a financial crisis. Major buyers like the US have high unemployment and less disposable income to drive the buying that drives the release of new toys. This meant that things happened slower than they normally would in a growing economy.

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    A worm that has me in fear - and in awe

    Database, James Hein, Published on 15/12/2010

    » I was pondering what I was going to write about this week when I saw the name Stuxnet. At first it looked like just another worm until I started to do some digging.

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    Farewell to two decades of navigating the currents

    Database, James Hein, Published on 05/01/2011

    » I had written and submitted this article before I heard the news. The Bangkok Post is reorganising its publication and Post Database is all but vanishing in the new format. So as far as I know this will be my last article as 'Currents' is one of those that will vanish in the reorganisation.

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    When upgrading can be a backwards step

    Database, James Hein, Published on 10/11/2010

    » It can sometimes be interesting to see how people view computers and applications. Many years ago I put together a small Access application that was used by my father, an archaeologist, to track pottery sherds discovered in digs in Thailand. It wasn't a very complex application in IT terms _ a simple database and a couple of forms _ but it was very useful to my father for his work.

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    Buying and selling digital books

    Database, James Hein, Published on 03/11/2010

    » There was a book fair in Frankfurt recently. For many people, the idea of a book is something you sit with at the park or in bed at night and slowly turn the pages as the story unfolds. If you are a book writer, the idea is that you spend months sending a manuscript to publishers and agents in the hope someone will want to take it on.

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    Resistance to change is futile, but persists

    Database, James Hein, Published on 17/11/2010

    » Have you ever noticed how governments, MPs, public servants and large, old organisations are very slow to adopt new technologies and embrace change?

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    Conflict minerals in your gadgets

    Database, James Hein, Published on 24/11/2010

    » When you use your mobile phone and other technology, are you aware of the cost of being able to use such a service?

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    Flaws in the scramble for safer driving

    Database, James Hein, Published on 01/12/2010

    » Imagine the uproar if the government announced that all cars would need to have scrambling technology installed so that drivers - and, by extension, passengers - could not use a mobile phone while the car was in motion.

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    The curious case of the reappearing mail

    Database, James Hein, Published on 08/12/2010

    » I use Yahoo for my personal mail and it is an example of how distributed computing can be a bit flakey. I access my mail from two primary locations _ work and home. I've noticed when I access mail from one location and then go to the other, the same items I've already processed are still there, even when I refresh. Sometimes I find they are still there or reappear when I reboot my computer or restart my browser. It gets really strange when I try to do something with a redisplay item, only to be told it has been moved or deleted.

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