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    The customer is always right? Not any more

    Business, Tom Sorensen, Published on 20/03/2013

    » If you prefer "client" to "customer" in the headline above, because you are selling professional advice or services, no worries. Go ahead, it's not going to change the principle. Customers and clients are not always right any more.


    How to make the headhunter hate you

    Business, Tom Sorensen, Published on 21/12/2012

    » You have heard that executive search and recruitment firms find people for jobs, not jobs for people. If you can accept the argument that real clients are those who pay for your services or customers who pay for your products, then you will also agree that in recruitment, the real clients are the companies that are looking for people and not the job seekers.


    The top five fatal mistakes made by Job-Seekers

    Business, Tom Sorensen, Published on 03/01/2013

    » In my last column, "How to Make the Headhunter Hate You", on Dec 21, I looked at five of the Top 10 faux pas committed by people in the course of applying and interviewing for new jobs. To recap briefly, they were: getting people's names wrong, an overlong re{aac}sume{aac}, dressing for the disco instead of for an interview, failing to prepare, and faking your qualifications. But it gets worse: here are our final _ and potentially fatal _ five:


    The top 10 greatest resume mistakes ever

    Business, Tom Sorensen, Published on 13/09/2012

    » Why do you think that having a great resume is the single most important part of your job search? The right answer: because if your resume does not excite and impress anyone, you will not be invited for an interview. If you can't get the interview, you will never get the job. Agree?

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    A telephone interview is the toughest

    Business, Tom Sorensen, Published on 11/10/2012

    » 'Be Prepared' is the most important advice I can give you as a candidate regarding telephone interviews. You don't have the advantage of seeing the other person. You can't judge how your answers are received. You can't obviously use your hands and body language to make your point.


    Too many recruiters are Buzzword-Matching paper pushers

    Business, Tom Sorensen, Published on 24/04/2012

    » Did you know that most people are not looking for a job? A recent survey by the US company The Adler Group and the networking website LinkedIn revealed that 83% of 4,550 respondents classified themselves as passive candidates. And here is the irony, HR departments still spend most of their time trying to attract candidates from the remaining 17%, what we call the pool of active candidates.

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