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    The case against subsidising housing debt

    Business, Jeffrey Frankel, Published on 31/05/2017

    » At the end of the first quarter, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, consumer debt in the United States for the first time exceeded its previous peak (in dollars), reached in the third quarter of 2008, just as the global financial crisis erupted. Although car loans and student debt have been rising especially rapidly, housing debt remains more than two-thirds of the $12.7-trillion total.


    Making crises great again: Financial reform in the US

    Business, Jeffrey Frankel, Published on 06/03/2017

    » Debates about financial regulation tend to focus on quantity, not quality. But "more versus less" isn't so much the issue; the details are. And when it comes to financial reform in the United States, President Donald Trump is unlikely to get the details right.


    The Blind Alley of Monetary Populism

    Business, Jeffrey Frankel, Published on 14/11/2016

    » In the US and elsewhere nowadays, populist politicians often claim that easy monetary policy is hurting ordinary workers, thereby exacerbating income inequality. But while inequality is a problem, raising interest rates is no way to address it.


    China's Stock-Market Red Herring 

    Business, Jeffrey Frankel, Published on 01/02/2016

    » With the Shanghai composite index down more than 40% since last June, investors worldwide are watching the decline with growing concern -- but not because they are invested in the plummeting market (China stocks are overwhelmingly held by Chinese). Rather, the fear is that plunging equity prices mean that China's economy is going down the tubes.


    Worthwhile to give the tpp a second look

    Business, Jeffrey Frankel, Published on 13/10/2015

    » Agreement among negotiators from 12 Pacific Rim countries on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) represents a triumph over long odds. Tremendous political obstacles, both domestic and international, had to be overcome to conclude the deal. And now critics of the TPP's ratification, particularly in the US, should read the agreement with an open mind.

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