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    Blue sky dreaming in Mumbai

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 19/08/2018

    » It's all begun from the curiosity when Seefah Ketchaiyo was a little girl. She went to observe her grandmother in the kitchen as she cooked dinner for the family. For some people, reading books opens a new world to them, but for Seefah, entering the kitchen was a whole new world for her.


    From Goya to El Greco

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 01/07/2018

    » Walking through the crowd after arriving at Gran Via metro station in Madrid, my hands turn cold, my lips dry and my heart rate rises to match the rhythm of the drum being beat by a street performer nearby. Here I am again, standing in the same country that I first visited only one year ago.


    Portrait of artistsas young craftsmen

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 24/06/2018

    » The nostalgia of childhood, social problems and the hardships of life -- all count themselves among the themes spotlighted in an ongoing exhibition featuring selected works by Thai art students of all disciplines.


    Finding her voice

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 13/05/2018

    » After making history for being the first female to be crowned on Thailand: The Star Season 4 -- one of the country's most popular reality singing contests -- Wichayanee "Gam" Piaklin's life was turned completely upside down.


    Against all odds

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 28/01/2018

    » Pin Salipod was excited to hold her daughter for the first time, three days after her birth, since when she had been placed in an incubator. But as the doctor accompanied the nurse carrying her newborn second daughter, he looked grave.


    Stockholm syndrome

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 17/12/2017

    » 'In 50 metres, turn right," my smartphone's navigation app says. According to the app, after turning the corner, I'll arrive at one of Stockholm's most iconic spots -- Gamla Stan, or the Old Town area.


    Model Citizen

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 19/11/2017

    » When Phajaranat "Mimi Tao" Nobantao, 24, bought a flight to the United States, she initially intended to go as a tourist. She was planning to meet a friend of hers based in Maryland, but after some talks the two decided to meet in New York City instead. Mimi was excited to see the city's most iconic spots and get a feel for a place she had long dreamed about -- she had often thought about what it would be like to make it big in the Big Apple.


    East Meets West

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 01/10/2017

    » Street gangs, sassy finger snapping and Puerto Rican girls in whirling skirts -- these are the things that stand out in one's memory from Leonard Bernstein's famous musical West Side Story. Then you have the iconic kiss on the balcony between lead characters Tony and Maria, not to mention the hit songs themselves -- Tonight, Somewhere, America and I Feel Pretty, to name a few.


    Making all the difference

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 10/09/2017

    » With a love of orphaned dogs and working with disabled children, Surachai Saengsuwan, a fashion editor and photographer at L'Officiel Thailand, draws inspiration most from those who have the odds of success stacked against them.


    The South's best-kept secrets

    Brunch, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 27/08/2017

    » No one can deny that Thailand has much to offer as a tourist destination. With its diverse culture, natural wonders and ethnic groups, it is regularly named one of the world's top must-see places on annual travel destination rankings.

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