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    Beyond the cinematic glitz

    Brunch, Kong Rithdee, Published on 20/05/2018

    » In the past 10 days the seaside city of Cannes has been in the news with noisy fanfare and dazzling colour, led by pictures of bare-shouldered stars sauntering down the red carpet on a daily basis. It happens every year in May, as the world's largest cine-event, the Cannes Film Festival, attracts thousands of journalists, photographers and industry professionals to the Mediterranean resort town made out to become a self-contained universe of glamour. Throughout its 71st edition, which ended yesterday, Cannes once again commanded the attention of the world.


    A one-man 'loveable rogues' gallery

    Brunch, Kong Rithdee, Published on 06/05/2018

    » Sunny Suwanmethanont raises his thick eyebrows and chuckles. He forks a piece of mango into his mouth while he considers something -- an existential query of sorts.


    Peter chan_ balancing on the cutting edge

    Brunch, Kong Rithdee, Published on 06/01/2013

    » Facing a forest of reporters' microphones, Peter Ho Sun Chan speaks Thai with the slight accent of someone who remembers the tongue, but not the spontaneity.

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