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    Calculating the comeback

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 22/10/2017

    » When BMW decided to revive the 6-series moniker some 15 years back, it included two body styles in the guise of the Coupe and Convertible, later followed by the sleek four-door saloon called Gran Coupe.

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    BMW 430i Convertible (2017) review

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 30/04/2017

    » The BMW 4-series Convertible always stood out in its class with a retractable hard top, a feature inherited from its E93-designated predecessor. Such a mechanism allowed for a similarly shaped and colour-flushed profile as in a traditional coupe.

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    Top 5 concept cars of 2016

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 25/12/2016

    » More and more SUVs are taking pride of place in showrooms, but variety is still out there if you want to be different.

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    From Russia with rev

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 30/10/2016

    » Think of Russia and its size -- it's the world's largest country, spanning 11 time zones -- and you might reckon that the best way to travel cross-country is to go by the renowned Trans-Siberian Railway. Or plane.

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    M4 packs more punch

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 21/08/2016

    » When the BMW M4 Coupe arrived on the sports car scene in 2014, it faced some criticism from enthusiasts, mostly for the way it sounded. Such a drawback was made even more pronounced by comparable two-door equivalents from Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.


    Smooth as the Silk Road

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 17/07/2016

    » Revisiting the Silk Road is something people who love adventures on wheels would want to do at least once in their lifetime. Of course, tracing Marco Polo's exact route between Asia and Europe is virtually impossible. But just being able to complete a transcontinental drive is already a feat in itself.

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    Far Eastern delights

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 20/12/2015

    » It's been a busy year for Japanese makers churning out concept cars. Meet the most mouth-watering — and outlandish — ideas.

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    Car-makers going green

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 08/11/2015

    » While the debate on global warming persists in many quarters around the world, many others are taking the issue seriously. Car-makers, long blamed for producing vehicles that enlarge our carbon footprint, are now trying to introduce new solutions, both from a manufacturer’s and buyer’s point of view.

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    On roads less travelled

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 20/09/2015

    » Many people regard Mongolia as a must-see destination once in their lifetime. But after a 1,500km driving stint in the country sandwiched between China and Russia, it probably won’t be.

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    Top concept cars of 2014

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 28/12/2014

    » 'Brunch' looks back at this year's five show cars that should be put into production.

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