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    Calculating the comeback

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 22/10/2017

    » When BMW decided to revive the 6-series moniker some 15 years back, it included two body styles in the guise of the Coupe and Convertible, later followed by the sleek four-door saloon called Gran Coupe.

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    More than just hot air

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 07/09/2014

    » Manufacturers are starting to take CNG seriously, with factory conversions becoming more common

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    Born to hatch

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 11/05/2014

    » When it comes to C-segment family cars, Mazda remains one of the few brands in Thailand capable of shifting hatchback variants with relative ease.

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    ESport Corolla misses the target

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 09/03/2014

    » The Toyota Corolla has not only been a leading name in world markets but also in Thailand, where the brand is a big player with three factories producing cars for both local and export markets.

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    Performance at a discount

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 03/03/2013

    » If you hadn't noticed, BMW is already selling hybrid-powered cars in Thailand. The first model to get a semi-electric drivetrain is the 5 Series executive saloon badged as ActiveHybrid 5.

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    Facelifted 7-series driven

    Brunch, Alfred Tha Hla, Published on 12/08/2012

    » As a prelude to handing over the keys to a new facelifted BMW ActiveHybrid 7-series parked at a marina in St Petersburg, Russia, BMW bombarded me with luxury - put me up at the Astoria Hotel, took me on a river cruise to schmooze with a member of the company's management board and wined and dined me while ballet dancers performed in a building loaded with history, style and cultural heritage.

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    Volt has the range but still comes up short

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 02/09/2012

    » Car manufacturers have different ways of approaching the future when it comes to cutting vehicle exhaust emissions.

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    Turning over a new

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 08/01/2012

    » The Nissan Leaf would have been a great New Year's gift for Thais. Unfortunately, it isn't available here yet and when it is it looks to be very pricey. So why is this electric car, driven by yours truly here in Thailand for the first time, being featured on these pages? It's because Nissan wants to underline the importance of the Leaf, as it is the world's first zero-emission vehicle to go on sale to the mass market.

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