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    A man of value

    Brunch, Duangkamol Panya, Published on 22/07/2018

    » The most legendary law enforcer in Thai history, Khun Phantharak Rajjadej, stopped crimes and cleaned up the bandits all with nothing more than a police badge, the gravitas of a peacekeeper, and perhaps, as legend has it, immortality which he derived from ancient Thai witchcraft.


    Hello,mr sunshine

    Brunch, Published on 15/07/2018

    » Defying all expectations of orthodox South Korean melodrama boasting easily digestible content and heartthrobs with beautiful faces, Mr Sunshine breaks the traditional norms of soap opera.


    Drenchedin love

    Brunch, Duangkamol Panya, Published on 17/06/2018

    » Of the many things South Korea is famous for, its TV dramas rank high up on the list. We're talking about the combination of intense and addictive storylines, the distinctive production style, catchy soundtracks and -- let's not forget -- plenty of ridiculously good-looking and talented stars capable of stealing viewers' hearts with just a glance.


    A one-man 'loveable rogues' gallery

    Brunch, Kong Rithdee, Published on 06/05/2018

    » Sunny Suwanmethanont raises his thick eyebrows and chuckles. He forks a piece of mango into his mouth while he considers something -- an existential query of sorts.


    N Korean underdogs win on screen

    Brunch, Published on 06/05/2018

    » North Korean movies rarely make it to the outside world, but 2012's Comrade Kim Goes Flying not only received a limited international release, it also earned the distinction of becoming the first North Korean production to be shown at a film festival in South Korea.


    Zombies as a mid-life metaphor

    Brunch, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 25/03/2018

    » Most of us still remember her from E.T. -- and that was 36 years ago, when she was seven and playing a girl who connects with the wrinkly extraterrestrial on a quest to go home. She also went on to play a sexy seducer in Poison Ivy (1992), one of Charlie's Angels (2000), a girl with a short-term memory in 50 First Dates (2004), and an accidental songwriter in Music and Lyrics ( 2007).


    Death becomes her

    Brunch, Duangkamol Panya, Published on 07/08/2016

    » Rudklao Amratisha became the woman lakorn fans loved to hate last year with her bombastic performance as the enraged, menacing matriarch of a farming family in the TV drama Sud Kaen Saen Rak. Her character Yam was the subject of vehement criticism that almost sent the country's internet and social media into meltdown.


    Little yellow men

    Brunch, Published on 19/07/2015

    » On a quiet afternoon in front of the CentralWorld cinema, Gift, 22, and Jira, 23 stop at the Minions booth to croon over a Bob doll. They, like everyone else, admit they love the critters’ cuteness, but say the appeal of the yellow creatures might also be due to something deeper.


    Must love cats

    Brunch, Duangkamol Panya, Published on 08/03/2015

    » Since Pimchanok “Baifern” Leuvisetpaiboon sprang to fame in 2010’s coming-of-age romance Sing Lek-lek Tee Riak Wa Rak (Crazy Little Thing Called Love), she has had to settle into the shadow of co-star Mario Maurer. While Mario has gone on to secure superstar status, Baifern has been studying, and has done some solid but unspectacular work with stints in TV dramas and a string of endorsements deals.


    Biopic takes no prisoners

    Brunch, Jim Algie, Published on 06/07/2014

    » Conflicted characters make for some of the best protagonists and hinges for dramatic tension.

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