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    Art on a huge scale

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 23/10/2016

    » If Thailand was to get a 23-metre easel weighing 12 tonnes, where should it go? And what painting should it support? These are the questions Cameron Cross hopes to answer as he attempts to bring his international public art project to Thailand.


    Standing his comic ground

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 28/08/2016

    » When Comedy Central needed a Thai comedian for an Asian stand-up series, they had to hunt through the archives. And YouTube.


    On the offence

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 28/08/2016

    » The best defence is showing you're not offended, and for Jimmy Carr the easiest way to do that is to laugh. Carr knows a thing or two about offending people -- it's bound to happen when joking about everything from disability and dwarf shortages to car crashes. No subject is off limits for the English comedian and TV host who even called himself Roger Federer's weird little brother.


    Renaissanceof the X-ray

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 29/05/2016

    » While Peng Janthasorn's work looks like Rembrandts that have been X-rayed, there is a major difference between the young artist and the Dutch and Renaissance masters she loves. Peng cannot paint.


    Don't lose your cool

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 10/04/2016

    » When it's this hot and humid, Netflix and chill really does mean watching House of Cards with a cold drink in your hand and an ice pack on your neck. It's too sticky for anything else.


    Image consciousness

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 20/03/2016

    » Two weekends, two exhibitions, many weighty issues: Bangkok art lovers are about to see something profound.


    ‘Nine comedians walk into a bar ...’

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 13/03/2016

    » ‘I’m always introduced as a musical genius and a sex symbol, which is fairly accurate,” Earl Okin explains. “Music is what I’m about, I can’t help being a sex symbol. I didn’t choose it, but music I chose.”


    Scales of greatness

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 24/01/2016

    » Jazz musicians are accustomed to winging it, but Peter Martin really wasn’t sure what he was in for when he turned up at the East Room of the White House for a state dinner in 2011. He and a band had been engaged for a feature performance, “but that means different things to different people” and the details were surprisingly vague for such an event.


    A step in the right misdirection

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 15/11/2015

    » Adnan Khashoggi’s private yacht is a study in gold and opulence. It can also be an intimidating place at 9pm when waiting for an escort. Then 10pm rolls around, then 11pm. It is long before the days of mobile phones and Howard Posener is getting nervous, but a sheikh has flown him from London to Spain and promised £30,000 for a night of magic. By the time the Bentley and six guards have turned up and driven him from the luxury vessel to a compound complete with a moat and underground theatre, it is midnight.


    Creating Elton John

    Brunch, Michael Ruffles, Published on 22/11/2015

    » Elton John didn’t exist, so it was necessary to create him. One of the world’s least likely superstars, he started with bad hair and dweeby glasses and evolved into a rotund middle-aged man who wrote soundtracks to Disney films. Now he’s a happily married father of two surrogate-born children.

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