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    On roads less travelled

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 20/09/2015

    » Many people regard Mongolia as a must-see destination once in their lifetime. But after a 1,500km driving stint in the country sandwiched between China and Russia, it probably won’t be.

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    Eclipsing the BT-50?

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 28/09/2014

    » More than half of Thailand's annual vehicle sales consist of the perennial pickup. And while many customers really need to transport goods, a large number also use pickups like ordinary cars or SUVs.

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    Chevrolet ups the ante

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 15/12/2013

    » It might sound strange why Chevrolet chose to develop uprated engines for the Colorado when its pickup is just two years old in its latest generation. Even funnier is the fact that the US brand has an engine production facility in Thailand that should actually guarantee Thais get the latest in diesel technology at every point in time.

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    Throwing away the manual

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 15/09/2013

    » There was a time when pickup trucks were mostly used by farmers who needed to transport produce around the country. That's not necessarily the case anymore, with more and more people using these workhorses just like saloon cars.

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    Is toyota's vigo stalling in the driver's seat?

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 23/09/2012

    » The best-selling vehicle badge in recent years isn't found on the back of a car but on a pickup truck. With sales exceeding 10,000 units practically every month, the Toyota Hilux Vigo is the four-wheeler of choice for Thais.

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    On the road with Mazda's BT-50

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 12/02/2012

    » These days, most pickup manufacturers make bold claims that their vehicles are very car-like to sit in and drive because they know that many customers don't actually treat them purely as workhorses.

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    Chevy's Sure-Footed Off-Roader

    Brunch, Richard Leu, Published on 04/03/2012

    » These days, it's not often a car-maker organises a jungle drive for the media to test its latest offerings of 4x4 vehicles. There could be several reasons for this. Most off-road trails, for one, are not easily accessible any more due to environmental concerns. Another factor could be that many remote dirt roads are now being sealed with that black stuff. And, lastly, most drivers hardly go off-road.

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