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    Let's hear it for glass noodles

    Brunch, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 17/02/2019

    » Glass noodles may be among the smaller varieties of noodle, but they have long been a big part of Thailand's culinary scene.


    Fear No More

    Brunch, Chanun Poomsawai, Published on 17/02/2019

    » After providing the chart-topping main theme songs alongside Japanese composer Yoko Shimomura for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, Utada Hikaru returns for the video game series' latest instalment -- this time with EDM producer and self-confessed Kingdom Hearts fan Skrillex in the fold. Titled Face My Fears, the four-track EP marks the continual, almost two-decade-long collaboration between Hikaru and game director Tetsuya Nomura that first began prior to the release of the first game in the early 2000s.


    Language of love

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 17/02/2019

    » How was your Valentine's Day? Mine was really, really special.


    Forget romance

    Brunch, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 17/02/2019

    » Thai soaps are full of mia noi, or mistresses. A typical mia noi is a wicked woman who usually wears red lipstick and sexy outfits in order to lure married men into her trap with her evil plans. Whenever people come her way, the mistress doesn't hesitate to fight them, physically and psychologically.


    From pain to peace

    Brunch, Gary Boyle, Published on 10/02/2019

    » This isn't working. My back hurts. This is a waste of time. I could've had a week in Paris. My back hurts.


    Recalling her past life

    Brunch, Chanun Poomsawai, Published on 10/02/2019

    » While much has already been discussed about the 2016's viral YouTube video in which super producer Pharrell Williams became visibly in awe of singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers and her demo of Alaska, Williams' organic reaction never gets tiring to watch. It's pure, genuine and far more emotional than any of the today's TV singing competitions could ever hope to elicit. And, thanks to that very video, Rogers has garnered well-deserved attention, amassed a sizeable fanbase, and struck a record deal with Capitol Records -- all in just over a year.


    The perpetual protein

    Brunch, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 10/02/2019

    » Thais are experts when it comes to eating fish. This has to do with people's lifestyle since the old days, as their lives have always intertwined with rivers and canals. A variety of fish is easy to find. People don't even have to buy them because they can catch fish themselves. From experience, people soon learn distinctive qualities about each fish and what sort of food should be made from it, including how to season it and what kind of vegetables would go with it. Another mindset is to not let the fish go to waste. If a lot of fish are caught, they can be preserved to eat later.


    The outrage conundrum

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 10/02/2019

    » There is outrage in the social media world.


    Walk on the wild side

    Brunch, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 03/02/2019

    » Thin fog was slowly floating against the backdrop of mountains above the Loisaba Conservancy in northern Kenya. It was nearly dawn when I woke up in my tented camp to the songs of chirping birds.


    Sweet success

    Brunch, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 03/02/2019

    » This week's Cornucopia takes you to an annual food and dessert festival that has been held for almost 30 years. It's a not-to-be-missed event for those who are familiar with it because foods and desserts that are rare these days will be available at incredibly cheap prices. It's an event that brings together volunteers that are sometimes more talented than professionals. Proceeds from the event go to charity. It's not a state affair for tourism purposes. Neither is it a promotional happening to make a shopping mall famous. And it takes place at a temple.

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