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    Tourism's new star

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 12/03/2018

    » Japan is in the midst of a historic tourism boom, thanks to a weaker yen and eased visa restrictions, prompting the government to set some even more ambitious targets. The foreign influx could not come at a better time, given that the rapidly ageing society is looking for new drivers to reinvigorate its economy.


    One cup at a time

    Asia focus, Published on 19/02/2018

    » For many, the city is the place for pursuing opportunities, but one woman has chosen to do the opposite. Jitchanok Tahwichai, 27, is part of a new trend powered by young people making their mark in the countryside and paving the way for sustainable community-based tourism.


    Bumpy ride ahead

    Asia focus, Published on 05/02/2018

    » Rajeev Misra, a SoftBank executive who will soon be joining the board of Uber, recently created a buzz in the ride-hailing business when he hinted that Uber might be on its way out of India, and maybe out of Asia entirely.


    Double the fun

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 22/01/2018

    » Sailing on the equivalent of a floating Macau, viewing spectacular shows and enjoying all-day indoor and outdoor entertainment are par for the course on the new generation of cruises serving the growing Asian leisure travel market.


    Tap and go

    Asia focus, Suchat Sritama, Published on 25/12/2017

    » Millennials are changing the face of travel, with new approaches to exploring the world and sharing their experiences with others. The result has been a rapid evolution in the way travel providers market their offerings and respond to customer needs, according to, the global hotel reservations operator.


    Innovations starting to pay off for Lufthansa

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 20/11/2017

    » Driving innovations linked to the digital revolution and changes in customer trends, maximising the potential of joint ventures and modernising its cost structure are among the strategies Lufthansa Group says will help create a profitable and sustainable future.


    Epic attraction

    Asia focus, Narendra Kaushik, Published on 18/09/2017

    » Anakagung Susila Panji believes it is inappropriate to connect the Ramayana with religion. The head of Wiraga Sandhi, an Indonesian dance troupe currently performing different episodes of the Hindu epic across India, he works with Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian performers. Most of the 300 artists belonging to the group back home on Indonesia are Muslims.


    The New Koreans: Portrait of pride, prosperity and defiance

    Asia focus, Alexi Demetriadi, Published on 11/09/2017

    » "If you didn't know who he was, he just seemed like an old Korean gent," says Michael Breen. "He was polite, humorous, diplomatic. But because we knew who he was …"


    Peninsula in peril

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 11/09/2017

    » The sense that the Korean War is still being fought doesn't really kick in until you take a ride to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that divides the Korean Peninsula in half. Barbed wire, fortified outposts and soldiers with guns are sure to get your attention in what former US president Bill Clinton once called "the scariest place on earth".


    Creative Bandung

    Asia focus, Published on 28/08/2017

    » Known for exquisite Dutch colonial architecture and many other tourist-friendly features, Bandung is also home to a large number of local startups that have tapped into a rich local reserve of creativity and palpable youthful enthusiasm.

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