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    Programming with passion

    Asia focus, Nareerat Wiriyapong, Published on 23/07/2018

    » Rebecca Parsons loves the great outdoors, whether it's exploring the Dalmatian Coast in southern Croatia, the Galapagos Islands or the upper Amazon, to get an up-close look at a fascinating ecosystem.


    Hotel spas a win-win business opportunity

    Asia focus, SCB EIC, Published on 16/07/2018

    » - Spas are among the rising stars of the global wellness industry, with a rapid growth rate that outpaces that of the sector as a whole.


    Health concerns demand creative response from juice makers

    Asia focus, SCB EIC, Published on 18/06/2018

    » Consumers have long regarded fruit juice as a healthy option, especially when compared to carbonated soft drinks. But many credible scientific studies have found that drinking fruit juice is not the same as consuming fruit, because some commercial fruit juice products contain as much sugar as soft drinks, sometimes even more.


    Catching the dragon's oil and gas trend

    Asia focus, Published on 17/07/2017

    » The Chinese oil and gas sector is undergoing a structural transformation. In the past it was dominated by large state-owned oil companies occupying the entire supply chain, including oil production, pipeline construction and operation, oil refining and trading. However, following economic restructuring the Chinese government will let privately owned and foreign companies participate more actively in the market.


    The property sector in the digital age

    Asia focus, Published on 01/08/2016

    » Technology has brought about disruption that has forced many businesses to change to ensure their survival and growth. Digital platforms are revolutionising the way business is done in some sectors. This has introduced new buzzwords to the world, such as AdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, and now in the property sector we have PropTech for property technology. PropTech aims to reduce paper-based processes and provide ancillary services across sectors, leading an inevitable wave of change.


    Cambodia calling

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 14/09/2015

    » As Thai companies start to see their sales tapering off amid slow domestic consumption, some are reaping the benefits of earlier decisions to enter markets where the risks at times have spooked other investors aware of their chequered history.


    For Thai banks, partnerships expand reach at low risk

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 01/06/2015

    » As global banking giants go on a slimming spree and regional banks in Asean say their size is appropriate, banks in Thailand are likely to continue their current strategy of servicing customers via partnerships and opening branches in some neighbouring countries.


    Labour shortages leave Thailand's growth stuck in the starting gate

    Asia focus, Published on 06/04/2015

    » A growing labour undersupply has been of the factors behind Thailand's sub-par economic growth. A nationwide survey of companies in six key sectors by SCB Economic Intelligence Center last year found that at least half had trouble filling vacancies within a three-month search.


    Owe what a feeling

    Asia focus, Tanyatorn Tongwaranan, Published on 09/03/2015

    » The rapid accumulation of household debt seen in Asia over the past five years has triggered concerns about the prospect of a financial crisis similar to the one in 2007 caused by the bursting of the housing bubble in the United States.


    Bigger and better

    Asia focus, Published on 26/01/2015

    » Vietnam's central bank has begun a drive to strengthen the country's weak and inefficient banking sector through mergers and acquisitions that will create fewer but far more stable institutions.

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