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    India faces difficult choice in the Maldives

    Asia focus, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 26/02/2018

    » The Maldives -- that beautiful Indian Ocean country comprising more than 1,000 coral islands -- is known the world over as a tranquil and luxurious travel destination. But the country is now being roiled by a political crisis so severe that international advisories are cautioning against travel there.


    China's high-altitude land grab

    Asia focus, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 26/06/2017

    » Bite by kilometre-size bite, China is eating away at India's Himalayan borderlands. For decades, Asia's two giants have fought a bulletless war for territory along their high-altitude border. Recently, though, China has become more assertive, underscoring the need for a new Indian containment strategy.


    Taming Pyongyang

    Asia focus, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 20/02/2017

    » For North Korea, reeling under severe United Nations sanctions, conducting missile tests has become a regular expression of political defiance and technological progress. Just last year, showing its continuing contempt for UN resolutions, it tested at least two dozen missiles, including a submarine-launched ballistic missile.


    A water war in Asia?

    Asia focus, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 05/12/2016

    » Tensions over water are rising in Asia -- and not only because of conflicting maritime claims. While territorial disputes, such as in the South China Sea, attract the most attention -- after all, they threaten safety and freedom of navigation, which affects outside powers as well -- the strategic ramifications of competition over transnationally shared freshwater resources are just as ominous.


    China's grand plan for its Pakistani outpost

    Asia focus, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 30/05/2016

    » Like a typical school bully, China is big and strong, but it doesn't have a lot of friends. Indeed, now that the country has joined with the United States to approve new international sanctions on its former vassal state North Korea, it has just one real ally left: Pakistan.


    A silk glove for China's iron fist

    Asia focus, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 09/03/2015

    » For years, China has sought to encircle South Asia with a "string of pearls": a network of ports connecting its eastern coast to the Middle East that would boost its strategic clout and maritime access. Not surprisingly, India and others have regarded this process with serious concern.

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