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    The battle for greener cities

    Asia focus, Tanyatorn Tongwaranan, Published on 16/07/2018

    » Last week, images of Delhi residents wearing green saris and scarves and hugging tree trunks wrapped with cloth banners that read "Save Me" spread across social media. Citizens by the thousands had united to halt a government plan to develop residential projects that would axe thousands of trees in a single neighbourhood.


    A crack in the Great Firewall?

    Asia focus, Nareerat Wiriyapong, Published on 02/07/2018

    » Whenever China announces policies to open up its economy or facilitate investment from abroad, the news is usually welcomed at home and abroad, but such policies or measures need to be fair. Not welcome are those that create discrimination or lead to greater disparity.


    Time to embrace the future

    Asia focus, Tanyatorn Tongwaranan, Published on 25/06/2018

    » Last week was an extremely fruitful one for innovation and tech enthusiasts in Bangkok. The capital hosted the first SingularityU Thailand Summit, Techsauce Global and the blockchain-focused Block Club Meet Up. It was my privilege to attend all of them to see and hear and be inspired by the groundbreaking advances that are transforming everything around us.


    Asia gets its kicks

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 18/06/2018

    » There was no shortage of excitement in the world last week, what with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un shaking hands and pledging to work toward peace on the Korean Peninsula. But the number of people tuning in to the "summit of the century" was probably eclipsed two days later when the World Cup kicked off in Russia.


    When children go hungry

    Asia focus, Nareerat Wiriyapong, Published on 11/06/2018

    » Few things are sadder than the sight of a hungry child. My sadness turned to anger when I learned that corrupt adults were stealing food from the mouths of children in my own country.


    Creating a healthier future

    Asia focus, Tanyatorn Tongwaranan, Published on 04/06/2018

    » In response to the rapid expansion of its greying population, Singapore has introduced compulsory healthcare insurance for elderly citizens. CareShield Life, an enhanced version of the existing eldercare programme, will require all Singaporeans aged between 30 and 40 to be enrolled from 2020. Policyholders who become unable to manage basic daily functions will receive S$600 (14,320 baht) a month, increasing over time to keep pace with long-term care costs.


    America the unwelcoming

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 28/05/2018

    » If you saw the recent Asia Power Index complied by the Lowy Institute, you may have been surprised to see the United States ranked above China as the pre-eminent power in Asia in 2018. One major factor giving America the edge was "cultural influence".


    Business unusual in Malaysia

    Asia focus, Nareerat Wiriyapong, Published on 21/05/2018

    » Businesses and investors are still coming to grips with the new political order in Malaysia, where the government led by Mahathir Mohamad is moving quickly to place its stamp on the economy and also bring to justice those accused of corruption, including former prime minister Najib Razak.


    Curing our plastic addiction

    Asia focus, Tanyatorn Tongwaranan, Published on 14/05/2018

    » My recent visit to Taiwan reminded me of how little my own country is doing to reduce plastic waste. On an island where shoppers have to pay for plastic shopping bags, the next step is a blanket ban on single-use plastic items including straws, shopping bags, utensils and beverage cups by 2030.


    Eyes open in Bangladesh

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 07/05/2018

    » In many ways, my trip last month to the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka and to the world's biggest refugee camp at Kutupalong was a life- and perspective-changing experience.

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