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    Cambodia expects its investor appeal to endure

    Asia focus, Freddie Hayward, Published on 23/10/2017

    » Although traditionally overshadowed by its larger and more developed neighbours, Cambodia is determined to increase foreign investment in its rapidly growing economy.


    E-athletes aim for respect

    Asia focus, Freddie Hayward, Published on 18/09/2017

    » Governments in Asia have often had a rocky relationship with video games. From the outright banning of some titles to broader social disapproval, gaming traditionally has not been an activity that governments promote to their citizens. But with the industry's relentless growth, some governments have been forced to change their stance.


    Game on

    Asia focus, Freddie Hayward, Published on 18/09/2017

    » Komsan Jandamit has been playing video games ever since his mother bought him a Nintendo Game Boy when he was young. During his teenage years, Mr Komsan would spend up to six hours a day playing video games, with immersive role players being his favourite. Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest are just a small selection from a long list.


    Nothing 'moderate' about Malaysia

    Asia focus, Freddie Hayward, Published on 04/09/2017

    » Last month, the Malaysian chapter of the group Atheist Republic posted a photo of its annual social gathering. The caption read: "Atheists from all walks of life came to meet one another … each sharing their stories and forming new friendships that hopefully last a lifetime! We rock!" What seemed like a harmless meeting of like-minded people quickly turned into a national controversy.


    Power play in Bangladesh

    Asia focus, Freddie Hayward, Published on 21/08/2017

    » When former US vice-president Al Gore met Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the World Economic Forum earlier this year, he had something to say about Bangladesh's energy programme.

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