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    Taxing for a more equal society

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 25/08/2017

    » The issue of fairness is an important aspect in our everyday life. The conflicts that arise and the anger that permeates our society come largely from the perceived unfairness that exists when we compare our lives to those of others -- often in terms of income, wealth or opportunities.


    Inequality is not just about economics

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 28/07/2017

    » The gap between the rich and the poor is reaching new heights. Oxfam earlier this year reported a striking statistic: eight men (mostly Silicon Valley CEOs) have the same wealth as the poorest half of the world combined. And according to another report by Forbes magazine, the wealth of the world's billionaires rose dramatically since 2000, from less than $1 trillion to $7.67 trillion in 2017.


    Mid-year economic outlook: Growing with a bubble?

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 30/06/2017

    » For the first time in several years, the World Bank has not adjusted its global growth forecast downward, even though there are signs of new risks. It foresees the world economy recording solid growth of 2.7% this year, improving to 2.9% in 2018 and 2019 -- thanks to the improving performance of large emerging economies such as China, India and Russia and a recovery in world trade after two bad years.


    China's mighty Belt and Road ambitions

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 26/05/2017

    » Two weekends ago, China put on a massive show when world leaders gathered in Beijing for the Belt and Road Forum to hear President Xi Jinping outline his plan for a grand project: the Belt and Road Initiative.


    What makes a happy country?

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 31/03/2017

    » Happiness is a state of mind. It can also be a place. So where do happy people live? The UN answered this question in its World Happiness Report released last week to celebrate the International Day of Happiness on March 20. The report has been around since 2012, thanks to Bhutan's initiating the launch of an international focus on happiness.


    Investment: A great rotation and a market bull run?

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 24/02/2017

    » I started investing in the stock market a long time ago and I have been through many ups and downs of stock market cycles. Given the experience, I am generally quite resilient when it comes to stock market crashes. In the nearly 10 years since the subprime crisis in 2008, the Thai stock market has performed very well. In fact, if you had been investing in Thai equities since then, you would have received a total return including dividends much higher than if you had invested in any other neighbouring countries. Over the past year alone, the SET index has gone up 22.6%.


    Welcome the Rooster and a new world chapter

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 27/01/2017

    » The great thing about the new year is that there is more that one celebration to look forward to. Chinese New Year starts tomorrow and the Thai New Year is coming in April. So if you haven't made -- or kept -- any new year resolutions, there is still a chance to start over.


    Global economic outlook: Cautious optimism for new year

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 30/12/2016

    » December has come once more. To me this is the time to assess how we did the previous year and to think about what might lie ahead. I think we all agree that this has been a year of Black Swan events -- extremely surprising developments that have major consequences.


    Donald Trump: Against all odds, winning with confidence

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 25/11/2016

    » Whether you love him or not, Donald Trump is now the president-elect of the United States -- against all odds. Against all the experts and the pollsters, against the establishment, against the mainstream media, and even against his own political party, Mr Trump won the election on Nov 8 and got himself into the White House. What is the secret to this man's success?


    Lessons from a competitive and happy place

    Business, Tientip Subhanij, Published on 28/10/2016

    » What is the most competitive and happy place in the world? Last month the World Economic Forum (WEF) has named Switzerland the most competitive country for the eighth consecutive year -- ahead of Singapore (2), the United States (3), the Netherlands (4) and Germany (5). Switzerland also ranked first in four out of 12 pillars of the Global Competitiveness Index -- in the categories of innovation, business sophistication, technological readiness and labour market efficiency.

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