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    A walk through royal fashion

    Muse, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 06/08/2016

    » To celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 7th cycle birthday this month, the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles unveils two stunning exhibitions that are open to the public: “Fit For A Queen: Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s Creations by Balmain” and “Dressing Gods and Demons: Costume for Khon”. The anatomy, culture and history of the khon costumes are shimmery stunners displayed in a dark room in order to preserve gold in certain pieces, but the true stunner is the other exhibition, which features Her Majesty’s wardrobe from the six-month state visit across Europe, where Thailand’s royal couple were formally introduced the West. The legendary Parisian couturier Pierre Balmain was the chosen designer to create all of her clothes and different galleries within the exhibition displays their relationship, which would last until his death in 1982.


    Nurture your children with travel

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 05/11/2015

    » Japan is such a haven for all ages. Whether your calling is food, nature, shopping or Gundam models, there's much available to feed all senses, for everyone from those who have yet to walk to the barely walking. If you've got kids, there's the obvious option of Disneyland and toy paradise Kiddie Land, but past the crown of consumerism, the Land of the Rising Sun offers a bevy of development destinations where children not only play, but also learn in the process.


    Blooming Lovely

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 21/05/2015

    » No trip to the Netherlands is complete without a visit to the tulip fields. And the best place for tulips is Keukenhof, one of the most beautiful spring gardens in the world. It happens that the park, which is located in Lisse, a small village southwest of Amsterdam, is open only from mid-March to mid-May every year. So the good news is you have almost one whole year to plan if you wish to visit this special place during next year’s long Songkran holiday.


    Rule Britannia

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 10/07/2014

    » It is ready to be converted into a hospital at a moment’s notice. It has served dinner in years past to some of the world’s most famous people, including such dignitaries as Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela. It can produce its own supplies of fresh water from an on-board desalination plant. This remarkable and majestic structure, a splendid example of British design and technology, is known as the Royal Yacht Britannia.


    Enchanting Arashiyama

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 06/12/2012

    » For a romantic, easy-going trip with the significant other, minus all the hassles, make sure you visit Arashiyama, a district in the west of Kyoto, Japan. Considered an esteemed holiday spot by the nobles of the Heian period, today quaint Arashiyama is one of Kyoto's most popular tourist destinations.

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