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    Sticking the world together

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 09/09/2014

    » Eighteen billion stickers are sent through Line every day. The emotions they carry with them however, are boundlessly immeasurable. This green-iconed chatting application has changed the way we communicate, merely through its infectious selection of cheeky rabbits and poker-faced bears. 


    Swept up in the royal wave

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 01/08/2013

    » The many jubilant happenings in the United Kingdom are currently making the British well worthy of a spot on world's social radar and our undivided attention. The arrival of a certain baby may have commanded an unwavering spotlight, but another recent royal event is also worth a mark in the record books. To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 60th anniversary on the throne (she was crowned on June 2, 1953) the Coronation Festival was last month held right in the very gardens of Buckingham Palace for the first time.


    Where tea & History entwine

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 06/08/2013

    » Even nine cups of tea a day is still considered a bit much for the typical Brit, but any less would make it an "unsatisfactory tea-drinking day" for Stephen Twining. For the 10th generation descendant of a centuries-old business family, Twinings of London, which has taken part in solidifying tea as a cultural icon of the English, a day gone by without a cuppa leaves him a tad queasy.


    Lost for words

    Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 20/05/2013

    » I still remember the day Chai came back to class after meeting a girl during our gap hour when we were still in college. Pat was her name. She had perfectly light, fair skin and she was decked out in pearl earrings, a costly print scarf and a status handbag, according to his description.

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