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    Doni Nacho a no go

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 29/01/2016

    » We spied the Doni Nacho stand at the woefully unattended "Love Is All Around" market at K Village on Sunday. As a Texan and an American and a disgusting glutton, the very idea of nachos makes me swoon.


    It is what it is, frankly

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 01/01/2016

    » The school-bus-yellow of the Foodstop truck -- and the large banner featuring tantalising photographs of the hot dogs it serves -- lured us in at the recent Winter Market Fest in On Nut. And we did, indeed, eat hot dogs. Which tasted like hot dogs. And that was that. If you like hot dogs, you will enjoy eating Foodstop's hot dogs.


    Playtime is on

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 08/01/2016

    » Make no mistake, Bon Bon is a bar. Although we have to admit we were curious when we received the invite to the media opening, a flyer that deemed the locale "Bangkok's first adult playground". I was expecting a rock-climbing wall, maybe, or a wall of flat-screen televisions hooked up to PlayStations. My girlfriend Tessa had her hopes set on some sort of weird S&M thing.


    Playing for team farang?

    Life, Adam Kohut, Published on 03/11/2015

    » One summer when I was young, my mother, my younger brother Clay and I piled into the family Chevrolet Blazer -- a tan-coloured vehicle we had inexplicably named Sparky -- to make the eight-hour trip south, from Fort Worth to Kingsville, Texas, where my grandparents lived (and still do) in a stately white house that as far as I can tell has stood there since the dawn of time.


    A brush with artistic greatness

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 13/11/2015

    » It is Saturday afternoon and, as can be expected, I am riding about a six (out of 10) on the grouchy scale. My girlfriend, Tessa, also her usual self, is happy enough to blanch the gloom from much of the Northern hemisphere. We have signed up to take an art class offered by our hotel, a sleek little outfit in Chiang Mai called the Akyra Manor.


    The fads of tomorrow

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 25/09/2015

    » Alas, Bike for Mom has passed us by. But does that mean Bangkok's cycling craze is over? Heavens and mercy, no! Cycling, somehow, has wriggled into a place of semi-permanence in the heart of urban Thailand. Despite Bangkok being the world's most ill-suited place for cycling (besides the bombed-out husk of Aleppo and the lost city of Atlantis), it is nonetheless rolling on two-wheels toward eco-friendly glory, aided by unrelenting media coverage and a crazed public support that is both impressive and frightening.


    Look what the blue cat dragged in

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 04/09/2015

    » It is Monday, early afternoon, I am slightly more hung-over than I care to admit, and large, plastic models of a blue Japanese cat have me surrounded. The cat, whose name is Doraemon, is a robot from the future. I think.

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