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    American barbecue, the Thai way

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 04/03/2016

    » The beginning of 2016 marked a new beginning for Meat & Bones. Once solely a presence at pop-up markets and events in Bangkok, it has now set up in permanent shop in the newly opened The Commons community mall on Thong Lor Soi 17.

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    Doni Nacho a no go

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 29/01/2016

    » We spied the Doni Nacho stand at the woefully unattended "Love Is All Around" market at K Village on Sunday. As a Texan and an American and a disgusting glutton, the very idea of nachos makes me swoon.


    Doni Nacho a no go

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 29/01/2016

    » We spied the Doni Nacho stand at the woefully unattended “Love Is All Around” market at K Village on Sunday. As a Texan and an American and a disgusting glutton, the very idea of nachos makes me swoon.


    Of death, brew and burgers

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 05/02/2016

    » It's easily missed, the unassuming shophouse on a quiet Chinatown soi, where traffic is light and the surroundings mundane. But keep your eyes peeled and you'll spot the intentionally weathered exterior of Let The Boy Die, a three-month-old bar the name of which is inspired by hit fantasy series Game Of Thrones. The interior, while a bit cramped, is appropriately medieval, with long communal tables and benches of stained wood, and walls adorned with peeling frescoes. Bare light bulbs add dim illumination to wooden latticework and exposed beams overhead. Leaves from ceiling-hung potted plants droop, willow-like, in their futile reach for the floor.


    Playtime is on

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 08/01/2016

    » Make no mistake, Bon Bon is a bar. Although we have to admit we were curious when we received the invite to the media opening, a flyer that deemed the locale "Bangkok's first adult playground". I was expecting a rock-climbing wall, maybe, or a wall of flat-screen televisions hooked up to PlayStations. My girlfriend Tessa had her hopes set on some sort of weird S&M thing.


    Where September never ends

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 08/01/2016

    » If Green Day's hit song is to be taken seriously, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong would channel Rip Van Winkle at this autumnal eatery. Cafe September is located in Chic Republic, a relatively small outlet mall on Bang Na-Trat Rd, and is designed to resemble and evoke the quaint charm of a small European cafe, or perhaps a rustic cottage. Yellow ochre paint coats the walls, exuding warmth; tables are of light, sandy wood; homey cushions and pillows bedeck chairs and benches. A a meal at Cafe September is a relaxing one, with an atmosphere that is refreshingly distant from the uber-modern, industrial, T-1000 cool of so many of the restaurants that line Sukhumvit Road. A private dining room, which seats eight to 12, can be booked for special occasions.


    It is what it is, frankly

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 01/01/2016

    » The school-bus-yellow of the Foodstop truck -- and the large banner featuring tantalising photographs of the hot dogs it serves -- lured us in at the recent Winter Market Fest in On Nut. And we did, indeed, eat hot dogs. Which tasted like hot dogs. And that was that. If you like hot dogs, you will enjoy eating Foodstop's hot dogs.


    Greased up, ready for action

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 04/12/2015

    » Continuing with Guru’s unofficial “Grab & Go delivery series” (i.e. “In which the publication’s writers are too lazy to leave the office and/or their respective homes”), we this week bring you the delivery services of John’s Shophouse Deli, the brick-and-mortar storefront of which is located on Sukhumvit Soi 77, directly across the street from The Base Sukhumvit 77 apartment complex.


    The secret's out

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 11/12/2015

    » Enter a shophouse on the alley-like Soi Chokdee, and you will find what initially appears to be a doorway leading into the first floor of a personal home. There is a small sofa, a flat-screen television and a long dining table, the darkened wood of which is somewhat medieval in appearance. A small cocktail cabinet holds a wicker basket filled with complimentary soft drinks and bottled water. The atmosphere is that of a particularly homey speakeasy — secretive, cosy, inviting, sophisticated but not overly formal. Through a partial glass door one can observe the kitchen, where the largely self-taught chef Mor, who lives upstairs, prepares a set menu that changes monthly, depending on ingredients, for a single nightly party of six to eight people, whom must book at least four days in advance. Welcome to Storehouse Dining.


    By fits and starts 

    Guru, Adam Kohut, Published on 27/11/2015

    » My breakfast this morning has consisted of the following: pancakes with fruit and honey (3); a small flank steak (1) and an onsen (Japanese, I think, for "disgusting") egg; the contents of a three-tiered tray piled with various fruits, cold cuts and cheeses (all); a rose-coloured health drink (1 bottle, possibly beetroot); a croissant (1); bacon (strips, 3); and hot coffee (1 cup).

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