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    Legal Advise 14 years of employment

    By madz, Created on: 02/07/2012, Last updated on: 01/01/2013

    ยป Hi I been working for thai company for 14 years and now they let me go coz they are downsizing I get paid 4000 US$ but they are giving me severance pay for the official salary that they submit to labor law which is 50,000 baht. Do i have a case here?

    • hawaiiman commented : Ok, so for 14 years you've been avoiding Thai taxes on much of your income. What about US (or wherever) taxes? Reporting the 50,000b? You've been getting 120,000b per month which is 10 times the salary of most Thai lower management types and living in a country that has a relatively low cost of living. Anyone living in Thailand for more than a few months realizes that everything is subject to change. If after 14 years of living high, you haven't set yourself up comfortably, no one to blame but self. A case?

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