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    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/08/2007, Last updated on: 19/05/2012

    ยป Economy is to exchange currency or things depend on the agreement of conditions. Economy growth will depend on its factor. In my opinion, trend of economy in Thailand in the last half year may to expand. I have three reasons for supporting my idea. First, businessmen have more trust for investing...

    • hawaiiman commented : @rooster. I applaud your concern for the less fortunate! However, all is not lost out here in the sticks. World sugar prices have meant that cane growing farmers are assured of success. The best thing about all those rich and selfish people, is that they stay with all their hiso friends, far away from us in the remote villages. Most of the tragedy here as everywhere else is caused by misfortune rooted in poor choices. As to the trend,obviously growth forecast at over 6% is wonderful. Only problem is contagion from the mess in Europe, which is only just beginning. Greece is bankrupt, as are Spain, Portugal, and probably Italy. The US market is plummeting to 11,700. In the SET, everything but defensive issues is getting punched around right now. Doubtless over the next few months, there will be some buying opportunities. Not yet.

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