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    For rent

    Apartment for Rent**Silom Grand Terrace @25,000/month

    By THEBR, Created on: 01/12/2015, Last updated on: 01/12/2015

    » [size=150:10wbbyfa]Apartment for [color=#FF0000:10wbbyfa]Rent[/color:10wbbyfa]**Silom Grand Terrace @[color=#FF0000:10wbbyfa]25,000/month[/color:10wbbyfa] [color=#0000FF:10wbbyfa]Location : Saladaeng Rental Price : 25,000 Baht/Month Condominium near BTS : SALA DAENG Condominium near MRT : Si Lom...

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    For rent

    Apartment for Rent *Royal Saladaeng*@95,000/month

    By THEBR, Created on: 30/11/2015, Last updated on: 30/11/2015

    » [size=150:3rf9f9pv]Apartment for [color=#FF0000:3rf9f9pv]Rent[/color:3rf9f9pv] *Royal Saladaeng*@[color=#FF0000:3rf9f9pv]95,000/month[/color:3rf9f9pv] Large, comfortable room, high floor, near BTS Saladaeng, fully furnished [color=#0000FF:3rf9f9pv]Location : silom Rental Price : 95,000 Baht/Month...

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    For sale

    Apartment for SALE**Saladaeng One@17,000,000 Baht

    By THEBR, Created on: 15/10/2015, Last updated on: 15/10/2015

    » [size=150:3d7vu0vq]Apartment for[color=#FF0000:3d7vu0vq] SALE[/color:3d7vu0vq]**Saladaeng One@[color=#FF0000:3d7vu0vq]17,000,000 Baht[/color:3d7vu0vq] [color=#0000FF:3d7vu0vq]Location : Lumpini Selling Price : 17,000,000 Baht Condominium near BTS : SALA DAENG Condominium Unit Size : 55.49 sq.m. ...

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    For rent

    **Apartment for RENT** Saladaeng Executive @ 28k/month

    By THEBR, Created on: 26/07/2015, Last updated on: 17/11/2015

    » Saladaeng Executive [C240715021] Location : Saladaeng Rental Price : 28,000 Baht/Month Condominium near BTS : SALA DAENG Condominium Unit Size : 72 sq.m. 1 bedroom(s) / 1 bathroom(s) Condominium Decoration : Fully furnished Image: ... C240715021 Call :...

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    For rent

    **APARTMENT for RENT**Saladaeng Residence @ 55000 Baht/Month

    By THEBR, Created on: 11/07/2015, Last updated on: 11/07/2015

    » Saladaeng Residences [color=#004080:9gbi95ao][b:9gbi95ao]Rental Price : 55,000 Baht/Month [/b:9gbi95ao][/color:9gbi95ao] [color=#0000FF:9gbi95ao] 1 bedroom(s) / 1 bathroom(s) Condominium near BTS : SALA DAENG Condominium near MRT : SiLom Station Condominium Unit Size : 61.08 sq.m. [/color:9gbi95ao]...

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    For rent

    Silom Grand Terrace ** AVAILABLE FOR RENT!!**

    By THEBR, Created on: 09/04/2015, Last updated on: 15/04/2015

    » [b:2r6p9xn9]Silom Grand Terrace[/b:2r6p9xn9] Silom Grand Terrace providing 1 bedroom 40sqm located on 6th floor at Silom Grand Terrace available for Rent. Silom Terrace is a low-rise building in the heart of Bangkok city with breath taking views of the city below. Great location in between BTS...

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    For rent

    Sathorn Park Place**Near BTS/MRT**3 BED//RENT!

    By THEBR, Created on: 10/04/2015, Last updated on: 10/04/2015

    » [b:10zp8yln]Sathorn Park Place[/b:10zp8yln] An outstanding 3 Bedrooms 341 sq.m Condo on 31st floor with well maintained including highest quality fixtures and fittings this available for rent. Sathorn Park Place located on Sathorn road BTS Saladang and MRT Lumpini nearby this area surrounding with...

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    For rent

    Centric Sathorn – St.Louis available for rent /1 Bedroom

    By THEBR, Created on: 24/03/2015, Last updated on: 24/03/2015

    » [b:vpco8kz0]Centric Sathorn – St.Louis [/b:vpco8kz0] This well proportioned 1 Bedroom 36sqm at Centric Sathorn – St.Louis available for sale and rent. Centric Sathorn – St.Louis is a stunning and classic looking building at the heart of Bangkok’s CBD. Situated in an ideal location closes...

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    For sale

    Aspire Sathorn-Thapra available for sale 1 Bedroom 30.5sq.m

    By THEBR, Created on: 24/03/2015, Last updated on: 24/03/2015

    » [b:2c1tfker]Aspire Sathorn-Thapra [/b:2c1tfker] Located in Sathorn road, the Aspire Sathorn-Thapha offers 1 bedroom atmospheric place to live in private life. This offer available for sale! The situated of this area is simplest way to reach in any area of business location, shops and amenities. In...

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