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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2017

    By hyur, Created on: 10/12/2017, Last updated on: 10/12/2017

    » As earlier than, there may be a barely cursory introductory series, however now it’s miles set inside the 90s. a peculiar-searching board sport is found on a beach – it incorporates a sport cartridge, a child attempts gambling and he’s lively within. Flash ahead to the present day, and 4 high-school...

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    role the corporation claims they’re manufactured

    By Jusomalex, Created on: 18/10/2016, Last updated on: 18/10/2016

    » extra commonly, a corporation likes to show off their dosage expertise and no longer using a tropics. The reality that [b:dzz80zao][url=]Brain Ammo Reviews[/url:dzz80zao][/b:dzz80zao] doesn’t file its distinctive dosage...

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Getting engaged in Thailand

    By pirireis, Created on: 17/03/2016, Last updated on: 23/03/2016

    » Hi there, I am British, living in Thailand and have been with my Thai girlfriend for 3 years. We are extremely close and have a good relationship. After her dropping countless hints at marriage, it dawned upon me that there is nothing I would rather do than to marry her. Anyway, cheese aside,...

    • ozopinion commented : Personally I would ask her what she thinks about you speaking to her father about it, but from the sounds of it she's got her act together so I'm guessing she and her parents would be pleased with your politeness. good luck to you mate, hope it all goes well for you

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    So called "yellow book" or Thai house book

    By Mr. Isaan, Created on: 31/01/2011, Last updated on: 05/02/2011

    » Recently I heard, if you have the so called "yellow book" or Thai house book, your entitled to medical treatment like Thai citizens. Is that true or another gossip in the farang community? Thanks in advance for information

    • Silaworld commented : Except for registering a boat, a motorbike and a car on my name, I have no idea for what else this yellow book might be useful for?! I am also a registered "patient" in a government hospital in another province than the one where I applied for the yellow book. Hospital' s administration never asked me for that book and I pay exactly the same fees as any other Thai citizen.

    • Ted commented : Having read about the yellow book in the Bangkok Post some time ago, yesterday at the immigration office in Surat Thani I have organised mine. My question is if you go to government hospital and require medication, can you purchase it at the phamacy at the hospital and pay the same as thai's. I take my father in law every two months to the hospital. I require medication for heart valve and would have consultation with doctor then. Currently I visit private hospital and the medication is very expensive. I have private insurance but this does not cover medication.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required


    By neil4374, Created on: 17/12/2010, Last updated on: 08/01/2011

    » Hey, Not sure if I've posted in the right spot, apologies if i havnt. I am a Britsh chap and my girlfriend is Thai, We are getting married in Thailand in February. I Have been researching the advice and documentation needed and now pretty much understand the hoops to jump through etc! However.......

    • MTT commented : The process going from English to Thai is simple. A LICENSED translator has a stamp they use with their registration number etc which serves as verification for the Thais. Thai to English? - Not sure if your final destination would accept that or not. So only they ([u:pnq4rsxw]those you are giving the document to[/u:pnq4rsxw]) can tell you what is accepted as official. (the translators stamp, a Thai Notary Public, or a Notary Public from your embassy, or just the registration information when you register your marriage).

    • neil4374 commented : Hey MTT, Thats a spot on point. I will goto the chaps that will require proof of the marriage and ask what they will require:) Cheers Neil

    • sibley commented : The best marriage advice I can give you is don't.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    legal marriage

    By bailey2009, Created on: 13/10/2010, Last updated on: 25/09/2011

    » Hi everyone, my partner married a thai national in 2002, he says it was all registered at the relevant uk embassy etc to be recognised in the uk, they both came back to the uk to settle but seperated after two years. fast forward five years and he met me and is now desperate to marry me, he has contacted...

    • farang_jai commented : If he was legally married in Thailand, then it is recognized that he is legally married in the UK regardless of there being a record of it. For example, when a Thai national applies for a fiancée visa to the UK or USA it is done so on the basis that there is no present marriage in Thailand. The Western nation would not have a record of the Thai marriage, but still recognizes it and would deny the fiancée visa if it were discovered. In order to avoid future conflicts, your partner should take the appropriate action in Thailand. My wife tells me that it is not necessary for him to return to the place of marriage registration. Rather he needs to go to either an Amphur or District (ked) office in Bangkok with his wife to finalize the divorce. The office need not be where the wife or he has or does reside nor where the marriage was registered. He will need her consent and participation, otherwise divorce is not possible.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Are divorce papers required

    By boatman37210, Created on: 23/08/2010, Last updated on: 23/04/2015

    » I am an American who will marry a wonderful Thai lady in November. I am 62 and have been married and divorced twice over the years. Do I have to provide copies of divorce papers for both marriages in order to marry? The reason I ask is the first divorce took place 30 years ago and I've since lost...

    • FARANWIDE commented : I believe formalities require you show proof of your marital status, thus if divorced you should be able to present your most recent divorce papers if asked. Not sure what a single guy would have to do. Perhaps a letter from his Embassy confirming his status. Interesting, considering he could come from anywhere to here, leaving a trail of deserted wives!

    • AjarnV commented : [quote="boatman37210":3brzopol]I am an American who will marry a wonderful Thai lady in November. I am 62 and have been married and divorced twice over the years. Do I have to provide copies of divorce papers for both marriages in order to marry? The reason I ask is the first divorce took place 30 years ago and I've since lost the papers. I have the papers for the second divorce. Thanks.[/quote:3brzopol] No, just go to the American Embassy and sign an affidavit swearing that you are single. I did the same thing 6 years ago; no problem. Cheers.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    American Woman Seeking Divorce from Thai Husband

    By Stature888, Created on: 05/08/2010, Last updated on: 06/08/2010

    » Hello All, At the moment I am seeking to divorce my Thai husband. It seems that all the information sought through government agencies varies considerably, as all the information is for 'farang' men divorcing Thai women. The laws are so different between the sexes? Anyway, Any feedback would be...

    • ohm commented : [quote:1p9khvqk]by Stature888 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:13 p08 Hello All, At the moment I am seeking to divorce my Thai husband. It seems that all the information sought through government agencies varies considerably, as all the information is for 'farang' men divorcing Thai women. The laws are so different between the sexes? Anyway, Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also- if anyone has a great attorney in Bangkok (preferably American) I would be grateful for any recommendations. Thanks in advance...[/quote:1p9khvqk] You can do a Google search to find attorney in Bangkok. There is a list of them at Google search. Or look at US Embassy in Bangkok and American Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok websites for lawyer suggestion.

    • Voice commented : Hi Stature888, Could I ask you some question regarding your intention for divorce. On what ground you intend to proceed with your divorce? I have a lawyer in Bangkok that could help you. Perhaps you could send me a private message here on this site.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    The prospective In-laws

    By cadcolin, Created on: 14/07/2010, Last updated on: 01/09/2010

    » Ok so i meet my dream girl who has agreed to be my wife meet the parents got there blessing everybody is happy been back in the uk a week and the prospective in-laws are now currently organising the society weddding of the century my gf is crying all the time her parenst have gone completley crazy...

    • cadcolin commented : Things have moved on a good thai friend of mine (known him now for 20+years)has had a talk with the in-laws i dont know how he phrased it but basically he said to them if you want the big society wedding thats fine you pay half now the latest plan by the inlaws is a small family wedding in their house and the cermony in the Wat round the corner Taurus it not that i have liitle finaces it was all these grand plans with no idea of costs which was starting to freak me out i.e 400 people in a formal sit down meal party at the centara hotel udorn (how much per head do i pay for the bar etc etc etc) i skyped my gf today and shes much happier back to her old self now my thai friend is in effect my representive for the wedding ill keep you all posted as things twist and turn Thanks all for your advice Colin

    • taysahai commented : if you are marrying a a thai before knowing their family, you may be making a mistake. As they say the nut does'nt fall far from the tree or something like that, know their family, because that is knowing your future wife. If you don't trust her parents how can you trust her? As far as everyone else's sob story of being take advantage, put the blame square at your own feet, it is not like someone put a gun to her your head and said blindly follow me to this endless pit of hell. Hell, that is what divorces are for!

    • bellagrassa commented : Like FaraninKorat, we Westerners, we know what is good for mankind, we just pick the best, and leave the rest. We marry a Thai lady or gentleman, and we couldn't care less for what lies behind or around. Why don't they do like we do, just looking after ourselves, maximal egoism?? Look where it has led us to? Why not try an amalgam of both cultures, trying to take up what is best? And the strong and responsible family ties is one of the best aspect of any culture. On the Western side a healthy individualism paired mit social responsability could be the second foot of the twin pair (family ties and individualism). Here it is not the question, what a man has archieved all by himself, all alone, but what he is as social animal! Bellagrassa

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Only foreign men?

    By Niranan, Created on: 17/08/2009, Last updated on: 02/03/2010

    » After reading through most of the discussions on Thai-Farang marriages, one gets the idea that there are only foreign men who are married to Thai women. Are there no foreign women married to Thai men here? I ask this because I am a foreign woman and married to a Thai (actually a Thai Chinese - oh...

    • SweetPea commented : [quote="Niranan":e0idsjfm] Foreign men go on and on about their problems and their difficulties, BUT hello! We don't have it any easier! - Some man said it was enjoyable for him to leave Thailand every 90 days to renew his visa. How about a woman with kids? We can't just leave our children behind and say bye-bye and go shopping in Malaysia or something. [/quote:e0idsjfm] Don't compare yourself to them, Niranan. Most of them are just the alpha male type and think the child caring task is the women's job most times. Anyway best of luck in your marriage. Do you have any problems with your in-laws or any sick buffalo yet?

    • narmtal commented : [quote="exposure":9yhgwrgd]I am sure many Thai guy want to make relation with foreign women, but they've a few or no chance to know foreign women, where can Thai guys find that opportunity to meet, talk make relation with them? (please tell ) other reason Thai guys don't have self confident enough and many more. finally is depend on a couple[/quote:9yhgwrgd] Hi exposure, I'm not sure how you could meet farang women in Thailand. I met my husband in a different country when we were both working there. I had studied Thai at university, so we spoke in Thai for the first 3 years we were married (until we came to Australia). I can tell you what I liked about him, and maybe you can keep it in mind when you meet someone you're interested in. The first time I met him, I liked that he was polite and slowed down his Thai for me so I could understand. He didn't joke behind my back (taleung) like some of the other Thai men in his company did. Later on, I liked that he was forward and approached me (I'm old-fashioned and I like the man to be brave enough to ask me out). I liked that he was romantic and bought little gifts when he came back after a holiday; or wrote me letters; or made me a mixed CDs of love songs. I also liked that he had his own opinions and didn't agree with everything I said just to try to make me happy. Most importantly, I really liked his values. It's so important to have the same kind of values as someone else if you're considering marrying them. If you have different values, it's so hard to agree on things like how to bring up your children, which will probably be a major issue for the both of you. Try to keep an open mind and not to insult the other person's way of doing things, even if you're joking. For example: telling a farang their food is boring because it is not spicy enough will only be funny the first few times, and maybe not so funny after that (especially if they cooked it for you!). The same goes for your partner: she should be willing to take her shoes off inside the house and not complain about it all the time. She should be willing to put on non-revealing clothes when she goes to your parents' house so they get a good impression of her, without complaining either. Marriage is about compromise. And marriage is about looking out for each other. And marriage is about putting up with each other when it's difficult (like when either of you don't get on with the in-laws even after you've been very, very, very nice to them!). Marriage is TEAMWORK, so my best advice is to only choose a player you can stand to have on your team for the rest of your life! If you saw a farang woman you thought you might like to get to know in Thailand, I would just go and talk to her. I wouldn't ask her personal questions the first few times I met her (eg. do you have a boyfriend?). I wouldn't ask her to help you with your English either, as she might think you're looking for free language classes. Ask her what she likes to do in her free time, and maybe ask to take her out somewhere to something she likes (eg. movie). I'd be careful at first not to scare her away, by telling her to invite some of her friends and you invite some of yours. Then she'll know you're not likely to be an axe-murderer! Finally, if your family is nice, I would definitely invite her to hang out at your house. You'll know if she's right for you by the way she gets on with your family. Then she'll probably invite her to meet the people close to her soon, too. Again, if she doesn't know you very well yet, try to think of what will make her comfortable. For example: you could go and pick her up and drop her off along with your sister or cousin, so she doesn't feel nervous about going somewhere with you alone at first. It would be good if you had a reason to invite her over as well. For example: we're making a traditional Thai dessert tonight, and were wondering if you'd like to come and see how we make it. Then if she's a bit shy, she won't feel like all the pressure is on her and that everyone will be staring at her all night. Hope my advice useful. Remember that even though I'm not 30 yet, I'm still a bit old-fashioned. So this advice would work on attracting a woman like me, but it may not work on everyone... Good luck!

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