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    Heritage Group Presents Cooking Demonstration

    By prnews, Created on: 24/04/2019, Last updated on: 24/04/2019

    » [attachment=0:9j55nw1b]pic Heritage Lao_resize.jpg[/attachment:9j55nw1b][b:9j55nw1b]Heritage Group Presents Cooking Demonstration by Chef Phol at Laos[/b:9j55nw1b] [b:9j55nw1b]Laos – Vittavat Phonphaisan[/b:9j55nw1b] (middle) Vice President of Heritage Group and [b:9j55nw1b]Thongsavand Kittikhammoune[/b:9j55nw1b]...

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    EGAT and EDL sign a preliminary MOU for the new Nam Ngum 1

    By prnews, Created on: 21/12/2018, Last updated on: 21/12/2018

    » [attachment=2:2g9b0exd]Highlight.jpg[/attachment:2g9b0exd] [b:2g9b0exd]EGAT and EDL sign a preliminary MOU for the new Nam Ngum 1 – Say-sed PPA and adjust the electricity rate to reflect the real cost of power generation[/b:2g9b0exd] [b:2g9b0exd]The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand...

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    Khongkwan Clinic aims to increase 20 branches in 2020

    By prnews, Created on: 19/10/2018, Last updated on: 19/10/2018

    » [attachment=2:2zm6oya0]1.jpg[/attachment:2zm6oya0] [b:2zm6oya0]Khongkwan Clinic aims to increase 20 branches in 2020 with 20% growth and partnership plan to China and Hong Kong. The clinic to celebrate its 12 years “KKC Khongkwan Clinic 12 years of pride to be the best in your heart” [/b:2zm6oya0]...

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    SCG announces Operating Results for Q1/2018

    By prnews, Created on: 25/04/2018, Last updated on: 25/04/2018

    » [b:fuixa6cf]SCG announces Operating Results for Q1/2018, embraces digital technology to drive innovation, and delivers a full range of product and service solutions to address latent needs of customers across ASEAN[/b:fuixa6cf] [attachment=2:fuixa6cf]1.jpg[/attachment:fuixa6cf] [b:fuixa6cf]Bangkok:...

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    Big C joined with Thai Ticket Major launched booking

    By prnews, Created on: 28/09/2017, Last updated on: 28/09/2017

    » [b:13p505mn]and payment ticket services [/b:13p505mn] [attachment=1:13p505mn]ttm01.JPG[/attachment:13p505mn] [attachment=0:13p505mn]ttm02.JPG[/attachment:13p505mn] [b:13p505mn]Dr. Piyawan Piyapong, Senior Vice President New Service Development at Big C Super Center of BJC Group[/b:13p505mn] has...

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    Coca-Cola opens first bottling plant in Laos ...

    By prnews, Created on: 31/08/2015, Last updated on: 31/08/2015

    » [b:1c539pa1][size=150:1c539pa1]Coca-Cola opens first bottling plant in Laos in partnership with ThaiNamthip Limited to support global growth strategy[/size:1c539pa1][/b:1c539pa1] [attachment=2:1c539pa1]1-Coca-Cola-opens-first-bottling-plant-in-Laos.jpg[/attachment:1c539pa1] • [b:1c539pa1]New Lao...

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    Italthai marks 60th anniversary with big push to double sale

    By prnews, Created on: 10/03/2015, Last updated on: 10/03/2015

    » [size=150:2sum0htz][b:2sum0htz]Italthai marks 60th anniversary with big push to double sales in 5 years to reach Bht 25,800 million[/b:2sum0htz][/size:2sum0htz] [attachment=0:2sum0htz]Italthai.jpg[/attachment:2sum0htz] • [b:2sum0htz]Aims to capture benefits from ‘AEC Effect’[/b:2sum0htz] ...

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    Krungsri launches consumer finance service in Laos PDR

    By prnews, Created on: 11/12/2014, Last updated on: 11/12/2014

    » [attachment=0:2yt7u9ov]Krungsri.jpg[/attachment:2yt7u9ov] Bangkok (11 December 2014) – Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL.), a member of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), one of the world’s largest financial groups, recently launched Krungsri Leasing Services Co., Ltd., a joint-venture between...

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    Krungsri enhances Lao operations

    By prnews, Created on: 16/12/2014, Last updated on: 16/12/2014

    » Bangkok (16 December 2014) -- Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL.), a member of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), one of the world’s largest financial groups, today announced enhancements to strengthen the banking platform of its Lao business to support increasing business activities and greater...

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    Thai news stories

    Do you speak English Khun Noy?

    By surapong, Created on: 26/07/2010, Last updated on: 07/01/2016

    » Ms Noy’s gonna need some English lessons in order to pass her tests to prove that her command of the language is good enough before being granted her visa. The number of Thai women from the Northeast marrying foreigners is rising every year. Over the past few months, almost 2,000 people have shown...

    • nateswag commented : [quote="beau58":3ummj5m8][quote="MICHAI":3ummj5m8]I am curisouly thre're many E-San women are married to the foreigner,many fo them that i met in Europe and elsewhere they're not genuine Thai, but Laos women they're speaking not the same dialect like Ppl in Bangkok[/quote:3ummj5m8] Very few people in Thailand are "genuine Thai". It's one of the great myths perpetuated and systemized by the dominant Thai establishment centred in Bangkok and the central plains, the traditional home of the ethnic Thais. In reality, the country is actually ethnically and linguistically quite diverse. For example, the Isaan language is predominately drawn from Lao, although itself broken down into many regional dialects. Also, in parts of Isaan, such as Buriram and Surin people speak Mon-Khmer and in places like Udon Thani and Nakhon Phanom they speak Nyaw. While Thais consider Thai superior to Isaan-Lao, which they somewhat derisively see as merely a Northeast dialect mixing Thai and Lao, it's actually Thai that is more likely a dialect of Lao, than a separate language. Among the many other languages and dialects spoken are Southern Thai, Lanna (Northern Thai), Yawi-Malay, Phuan, Lua, Shan, and Thai Dam. The truth is, the further one gets from Bangkok, the less successful proper Thai language acquisition becomes as the regional languages and dialects are the local lingua franca. In Isaan, or Lanna (Northern Thailand), Thai is seldom spoken, unless to Thais who are from outside the region. Then Thai becomes the common language out of necessity more than desire. Therefore, is it any wonder that learning other languages such as English becomes a major challenge for the majority of the people.[/quote:3ummj5m8] You've definitely done your research. Most Thais don't even know where they came from or who they are descended from. A lot of Central Thais are also descended from Lao people. When Bangkok was founded it was over 50% Lao from Luang Prabang, Laos and Champasack, Laos. King Thaksin(Chinese) and then King Rama 1(Mon) forcibly brought tons of Laotians to populate Central Thailand. Then after Siam defeated the Lao Lanxang Kingdom in 1827-28, Rama III brought even more Laotians from Vientiane to populate Bangkok and the surrounding provinces. They mirrored their new kingdom after what Vientiane was. In fact the majority of temples in BKK of that period was built by Lao designers/labor and built in mirror image to how Vientiane, Laos had looked like. Tons of Khmers were also brought over. This is all Thai history you can only learn outside of Thailand. Northern Thais can be a bit arrogant but Lanna itself was always a little brother to other Kingdoms(Burmese, Thai, Lao). Northern Thai culture is a mixture of various Tai(Tai Yai, Tai Lue, Lao), Mon and Burmese culture. The term Khammuang(language) and Khonmuang(people) is just a term created by BKK to group Northern Thais together.

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