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    Choosing cheap Chinese Products over Thai jobs

    By needchange, Created on: 17/10/2010, Last updated on: 24/11/2015

    ยป Everyone knows the story of what has been happening in the US in terms of the trade deficit with China. If you go to Walmart, almost every product sold there comes from China. Walmart is America's biggest retailer if I'm correct. The trend is the same at many other retailers around the country. So...

    • drake commented : [quote="triptrip":2y69eueg][quote="prajna":2y69eueg]Unfortunately, Chinese-made merchandize is a synonym of products that are known for being shoddy, unsafe, toxic, prone to recalls, dangerous, faulty, tainted and poorly designed. .[/quote:2y69eueg] Not exactly true. The computer and keyboard you are using to type your comments are most likely Chinese made. It may be designed and developed in the US or somewhere but definately assembled in China. iphone, blackberry and what not top notch gadgetry we're using are all Chinese made. The Chinese certainly can have top quality stuffs if they want it. Look at the opening/closing ceremony of Olympics 2008.[/quote:2y69eueg] You are absolutely correct. The problem with "Made In China" is that too large a percentage of Chinese merchandises are simply JUNK because they didn't want to cut in to the profit margin for any reason. I've once been told by a certain Notebook mfg in Shanghai that they MUST deliver their notbook quota on time even if it blows up the first time the end-user turn it on and they really don't care what the root cause of the problem that they were having was as long as it passes the final test and they were able to give the test log to their US customer. While the US companies will look down their noses at 40% profit, Chinese companies generally are pleased to make any sales at all at break even (cash in hand, getting rid of their inventory, and pay the bills) and will be more than happy with anything over 5% margin. Quality merchandise also equates higher cost and potentially lower/slower sales volume. As such, they don't have a lot of incentive to make quality merchandise.

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