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    online prescription for carisoprodol . carisoprodol online

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    buy doxycycline and pay by cod • doxycycline doctor

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    levitra on sale cheap online # buy levitra online canadia

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    lortab no script fedex , non presciption lortab

    By mdsalese, Created on: 20/09/2015, Last updated on: 20/09/2015

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Understanding the American ways

    By Anonymous, Created on: 16/10/2004, Last updated on: 28/03/2007

    » I am a Thai lady who left Bangkok at the age of 20, lived in Singapore for 11 years before residing now in the US for the past 4 years. I lived in California for the first year & a half and now I live in Boise, Idaho. Determine to upgrade myself educationally, I enrolled for classes at the local...

    • Anonymous commented : Rad. Do you known that Canada has socialized healthcare system like in Thailand? If you are not comfortable in Thailand or in Idaho, Idaho is in the American heartland. These people do not give a nutcracker about foreigners. In their views, foreigners came to USA because Americans and America are better than their own homelands. Canada is more rural than USA unless you are living in the urban area, and Canada is many times colder than USA. It seemed like you are a urbanited person. You might considering finding American urban area with high population of Asians like Chineses and Vietnameses. San Francisco is an example beside New York, Houston, or Hawaii. US west coast cities will have the highest Chineses, Vietnameses, and Japaneses. Thais are mostly highest in LA, NY, and Florida.

    • Anonymous commented : I hope I can contribute something useful to Rad. a) I study personalities and psychology. It sounds like Rad is naturally Introverted. So am I but I have learned to overcome it, because American culture demands it. You might look at There is nothing wrong with being introverted. But American society as a whole is Enneagram type 3 (Extroverted, sales people, less than honest, self-centered). b) shows a persons motivation. It is based on the age-old Enneagram. It's very important in learning why people are the way they are. I am a type 4/5. My younger son is a type 7 (like Dejon Sanders). He's extremely charismatic and extroverted. People follow him like the Pied Piper, but he will take you to the cleaners. My older son is type 5 (Thinker/Observer). He is very intelligent and dependable. But he is also introverted and has trouble making friends. c) Some parts of the US are more friendly and open than others. I could comment all day on this. Minneapolis is extremely unfriendly and cold. You won't be accepted there unless you grew up there. The South is more friendly. Some ethnic communities are more friendly. Boston is Irish, and therefore more friendly. The US is less friendly now than it was 30 years ago. Many Americans are cliquey and protect their turf. Many of them live in fear and isolation. Many urban areas are pretentious and unfriendly. d) I love the Idaho area for the mountains, flyfishing, camping. But it is a conservative area. It has recently been Californicated. Many Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington people hate Californians. e) I am very interested in Thailand. I have talked to an intelligent, successful women there for 4 years. We are becoming business partners. I haven't been there yet, but am looking forward to visiting soon. I have heard that Thai people are genuine, friendly, gratious, and quite wonderful. I hope to someday marry a Thai woman. Dave E.

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