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    Do you speak English Khun Noy?

    By surapong, Created on: 26/07/2010, Last updated on: 07/01/2016

    » Ms Noy’s gonna need some English lessons in order to pass her tests to prove that her command of the language is good enough before being granted her visa. The number of Thai women from the Northeast marrying foreigners is rising every year. Over the past few months, almost 2,000 people have shown...

    • nateswag commented : [quote="gk10002000":2ble3a67]Raywanpan says life in the USA is hard. Well, most less educated Thais I met over in Thailand think that work is easy in the USA. Others expect that their new USA husband will take care of everything. Most grossly over estimate the isolation and communication difficulties they may face. [b:2ble3a67]In general the USA Urban or suburban lifestyle is greatly different than in Thailand. You can't just walk down the street and chat with dozens of Thais.[/b:2ble3a67] If they come to the USA, they may have to work. Two ladies I knew were horribly disenchanted. One took a job in the car manufacturing plant in Ohio. Started at $15/hour that seemed like a lot. She couldn't believe how "mean" the line boss was and how hard she had to work. Minimal breaks, no chatting on the assembly line. Another lady worked in Los Angeles for one year and was stunned how little money they made and the long hours they worked. So many Thais see the Americans over in Thailand on vacatin spending money, and they think we are all big bosses, or independentantly wealthy. In general we are NOT. Some have cheap or minimal Military pensions. Most are still working. Most are divorced, have alimony, child support etc. American has tons of opportunities. If you are young and willing to work and and can communicate, this is one of the countries you can buy things and work your butt off. If you have a wealthy American partner, your material needs may be taken care of. Their are Thai communities here where ethnic or native Thais can get together. The local Wat Thai here in Escondido, north of San Diego Callifornia is a nice place. But day to day you WILL NOT be living as you do in Thailand. Is it better for you? Possibly.[/quote:2ble3a67] There's a large community of Thais in the LA area. I've heard of estimates of 200,000-300,000 in that area and that was years ago. I believe its the largest Thai concentration outside of Thailand. You're very right about how some Thais moving to the west and finding out it's not what they thought. For some it is what they thought if they married a partner with money. I actually know of a Chiang Mai girl that married a rich guy and moved to San Diego. She did well for herself in Thailand but that guy has yachts, exotic cars, mansions etc.

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