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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Court clear the way for charter votes

    By DSuthikant, Created on: 05/04/2013, Last updated on: 05/04/2013

    » It is becoming clear that what Thaksin wants he will get it. He wants massive loans for ordinary works such as infrastructure, construction, flood prevention programs, super highway that should be handle within the scope of the budget he has got it. Thailand is getting to be like many families who...

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Legal Advise 14 years of employment

    By madz, Created on: 02/07/2012, Last updated on: 01/01/2013

    » Hi I been working for thai company for 14 years and now they let me go coz they are downsizing I get paid 4000 US$ but they are giving me severance pay for the official salary that they submit to labor law which is 50,000 baht. Do i have a case here?

    • hawaiiman commented : Ok, so for 14 years you've been avoiding Thai taxes on much of your income. What about US (or wherever) taxes? Reporting the 50,000b? You've been getting 120,000b per month which is 10 times the salary of most Thai lower management types and living in a country that has a relatively low cost of living. Anyone living in Thailand for more than a few months realizes that everything is subject to change. If after 14 years of living high, you haven't set yourself up comfortably, no one to blame but self. A case?

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Where did they all go????

    By Chris-TH, Created on: 27/05/2009, Last updated on: 10/07/2009

    » Nope, this is not about missing persons from various protests over the years, but rather Court cases. Here is a tiny list: 1. The 2-3 digit lottery case with about 50 people involved 2. The donation case to the Dem party 3. The airport case (PAD) 4. The GH case (PAD) 5. The civilian damage cases...

    • Veto commented : [quote="Chris-TH":39ievzgp]Nope, this is not about missing persons from various protests over the years, but rather Court cases. Here is a tiny list: 1. The 2-3 digit lottery case with about 50 people involved 2. The donation case to the Dem party 3. The airport case (PAD) 4. The GH case (PAD) 5. The civilian damage cases (PAD) 6. The election case (local administration) 7. The LM case against Sondhi Sorry for my bias, but most of the "missing" cases are in fact connected to the PAD/Dem. Anybody able to help complete the list?[/quote:39ievzgp] RE: There's a lot more cases M.I.A. than just these, and not just PAD/Dem. I may elaborate later. Maybe there's a Black Hole in Thailand, next to the justice dept.,sucking up all the light or simply greedy palms. Maybe Thaksin correct about not receiving justice in Thailand...they don't accept his bribes. I thought Newin involved heavily in the Lottery case, so no wonder case silence/deferred for his allegiance to Dems coalition. I don't mean to rant but: I was reading about S.Korea politician corruption in light of the nuclear threats. They go to jail all the time, kill their former leaders investigating them and call it suicide, willing to start a war to hide their crimes or distract media attention. Start false flag terrors/provacateurs in foreign countries. Now North Korea abandoned armistice agreement. Is this just saber rattling or verge of WW3? Thai politicians training school for future worse corruption, especially if theirs ever a rift to create a north and south Thailand. Thaksin could be the new Kim Jong Ill of N.Thai, producing meth amphet. to flood the world much like N. Korea, since no economy in N. Thai or any ports. There's always America willing to hand out nuclear and missile technology too, so world problems continue...much like they did to Pakistan, N.Korea. Such is the business of politics, it's a business

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai royals

    By Voice, Created on: 19/01/2009, Last updated on: 17/06/2009

    » Writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai royals Australian writer Harry Nicolaides is jailed for three years after being found guilty of insulting the Thai monarchy in his novel. Today news from the BBC, after heard the news I thought that maybe it time that maybe we should all discussing this kind of...

    • Just-1-Voice commented : If you do some research, you soon find that the current ruling situation in Thailand is not an “ancient tradition”, but is actually a “modern creation” that was brought about by politicians with a need to have a focal point for everyone to look to. This image was carefully and studiously crafted in order to create the image it has today, with many new “traditions” being “invented”, but being sold to the populace as things that have always been, or were at one time, and had to be brought back. Research will also show that there are many who feel he has not always been the “All Knowing Father” who always does what is best for his people, or who has always made the right political decision, yet these things are quickly washed away, or “cleansed” by others to make things right so that no stain falls upon him of his family, thereby perpetuating the image that has been so carefully cultivated. Therefore, anyone who dares write a book or article in which less than flattering comments appear is doing so at his/her own risk, as the Les Majesty laws will be quickly leveled against them in order to maintain the “purity” of the institution, all this despite the fact that he has stated himself that he is also human and therefore not above criticism. But if you look closely, not one incident involving the arrest and jailing of someone for the violation of this seriously outdated and overused law has come from the palace. It has been the police, and others, who weld this like a club on the head of anyone they feel justified in doing so. In many cases those they have convicted have later been pardoned by him and they are allowed to go free, providing of course they leave the country. While I can see something of a need for this law, it, like any other, can be abused and seriously overused in far too many situations by those who wish to do so, and have the authority to do so. Personally I think the law should be completely stricken from the books, or at least brought under control for use against only the most serious cases of violation. In every other democratic country in the world, the people have the right of freedom of speech to talk about their rulers. Look at the leaders and political figures in the U.S. and Briton for example. Their leaders care constantly under attack by those who oppose them, and those attacks are in every form of news media available. Political cartoons lambasting their leaders appear almost daily in the print media. Yet, no one goes to jail for them, unless, of course, they make an actual threat against an individual in regards to personal harm to them or their family, or death which, to me, is the way it should be. I think the original intention of this law was relatively good and benign, but over the years it has been strengthened, distorted and abused by the military and police to a nearly fanatical level. Now is the time to carefully review this law and either return it to a more benign law, or abolish it completely, which I think would be the best thing to do. How can you have true freedom of speech with a carelessly made comment can put you in jail for up to 15 years? How can a country claim to promote “free speech”, but only as long as you don’t talk about certain subjects or people?

    • triptrip commented : Hi pachangamac042, actually im not sure if any of us actually read the book itself? Apart from news clippings giving a very high level of the "offence" we or rather myself, have not read the contents of the book to make any judgement. My point is that we know these things are very sensitive, even when we discuss these so called rumors or gossips with close friends or associates, it has to be done in a hush hush basis. Why want to risks one's life by going public in the first place? That's the thing I don't understand about the writer. I mean, go publish it outside Thailand and never come back again like Handley. Make your money and go. But not this guy, for some reason, he thinks it's ok. Again, i'm not arguing whether the sentence is harsh or whether such law is outdated or anything. It is clear Thailand has such law, we foreigner better respect it whether we like or not else.......well, let's have a cold beer like someone previously mentioned, this guy could be a scapegoat, a sort of sacrificial lamb to send a message to the foreign communities in Thailand, DO NOT MESS WITH US. maybe....who knows.

    • prommee_NE commented : I have been trying to find out when the LM was introduced for ages but so far I haven't found a site with a good enough reputation to provide a link hearsay it least that should get people to provide a reputable link for me. Certainly, after 1932 it was scrapped...but I do not think it was re-introduced in 1945 when the Mon... was reintroduced by way of R9. I think it was in 1954, when the US got scared of the Communist takeover of IndoChina (including Thailand). The US played on the K. and the P.Council Right Wing and gave lots of money to promote the K. in any way they could..including paying for posters and calendars to be given to every household in the land to ensure they were patriotic. Many of the problems that occurred in the 1970's were as a direct result of the US pulling their funds. All seemed to be getting better after the 1997 Constitution was introduced...but those people whose ancestors were part of previous times decided that they knew better...leaving Thailand in the Khee Kwai it is in today. Should be good enough for Yellows, Reds and Oranges to have a real go at me...but then I'll get to find out the truth????

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