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    Writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai royals

    By Voice, Created on: 19/01/2009, Last updated on: 17/06/2009

    ยป Writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai royals Australian writer Harry Nicolaides is jailed for three years after being found guilty of insulting the Thai monarchy in his novel. Today news from the BBC, after heard the news I thought that maybe it time that maybe we should all discussing this kind of...

    • triptrip commented : Hi pachangamac042, actually im not sure if any of us actually read the book itself? Apart from news clippings giving a very high level of the "offence" we or rather myself, have not read the contents of the book to make any judgement. My point is that we know these things are very sensitive, even when we discuss these so called rumors or gossips with close friends or associates, it has to be done in a hush hush basis. Why want to risks one's life by going public in the first place? That's the thing I don't understand about the writer. I mean, go publish it outside Thailand and never come back again like Handley. Make your money and go. But not this guy, for some reason, he thinks it's ok. Again, i'm not arguing whether the sentence is harsh or whether such law is outdated or anything. It is clear Thailand has such law, we foreigner better respect it whether we like or not else.......well, let's have a cold beer like someone previously mentioned, this guy could be a scapegoat, a sort of sacrificial lamb to send a message to the foreign communities in Thailand, DO NOT MESS WITH US. maybe....who knows.

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