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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Naked ownership and usufruct

    By Silaworld, Created on: 16/08/2010, Last updated on: 09/10/2010

    » My Thai wife and myself both own some properties on our own names in Thailand. Now we would like to purchase another property with naked ownership on my wife's name and usufruct on my name. Is this possible under Thai law and is it enough to communicate this to registration office on the day of registration?...

    • Silaworld commented : [quote="RogerRamjet":110yge8w]silaworld, I do understand usufruct and naked ownership, which applies only in Louisiana, USA as far as I know. You are walking into an area of totally complex law, that is why I asked about the chanote title. Chanote is full title to the land, which you can never own if you are not Thai, that your wife can, if she has the money or income...etc etc etc. If you have properties (land) in your name only, then you are Thai and you don't need my help, so go to the district office or land department where they can inform you of the many Sor Kor, Sor Por etc etc titles and how and what you can do with the land.[/quote:110yge8w] RogerRamjet, I do not know about this item in USA. In Europe however, it's common practice and certainly in my country, which is Belgium by the way... No I am not Thai but my wife is. And yes, I own a house and an appartment; the house however is part of a condominium and that's why I could buy it on my name only. So, I presume my question is still unanswered?! Of course I could ask for information with one or other Thai lawfirm; but except for taking my money I fear they will tell me nonsense or plain lies.

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    Thai legal issues and laws

    Writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai royals

    By Voice, Created on: 19/01/2009, Last updated on: 17/06/2009

    » Writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai royals Australian writer Harry Nicolaides is jailed for three years after being found guilty of insulting the Thai monarchy in his novel. Today news from the BBC, after heard the news I thought that maybe it time that maybe we should all discussing this kind of...

    • Profiler commented : [quote="Chaiyo Thailand":3e862paq][quote="Profiler":3e862paq][quote="Chaiyo Thailand":3e862paq]"Every body's business is no body's business", still stands. Foreigners should respect Thai laws, it is the rights of the Thais, to pass any laws in their country. We (Thais) respect others' laws and we're subject to punishments if we break them.[/quote:3e862paq] Im sorry what?? Thais don't even respect their own law nor constitution...[/quote:3e862paq] 1) I said, "We (Thais) respect others' laws and we're subject to punishments if we break them." That means, we don't make comments/remarks/write books criticizing other countries' leaders. 2) (a) Calculate, the number of people breaking the law divide by the population of Thailand and multiply by 100 and the answer you get is the percentage of Thai population breaking the laws. Let me know what you get. (b) Can you tell me if Americans, British, Australians, Canadians, French..... have never had violence protests?[/quote:3e862paq] It's a diffrent matter of handling things when it comes to west, in countries like US and Europe we are patriotic but we also see that some things one just don't do. I mean look when Bush got re-elected, a lot of people got angry since they didn't want him as president, did you see them planning a coup to overthrow the government? They knew that they had to swallow the horsepill, to atleast have a stability in the country, and wait for the right moment... and now they have one from the opposite party, and a person nobody would dream of 30-40 years ago to sit as a president, and hopefully he can turn the tides. Stability, loyalty, respect are few aspects thais need to learn or it will end like Burma, and its already going that way. If you don't make an own opinion and just follow the mass which is exactly what the mobs have done, and been duped by the military you will never experience what it means to live in a civilized world.

    • Profiler commented : [quote="Chaiyo Thailand":3ol02gm7]You must understand how long it took US to be what they are today. Everyone knows, more or less, about American history, civil war and racialism. Thailand is many decades behind US in terms of democracy and we're at the starting point (I hope) of the transition era. Protests and violence (some) are bound to take place during this period of division. They will always be some fools who think violence is the best solution to the problem. It happens everywhere. Obama is not totally black and you know that. I'll only believe racialism does not exist in US if a Black person with Black father and mother becomes the President of the US. Believe me, if Obama had to face a White man, same age as him and more or less as intelligent and sincere as him, the white man will win.[/quote:3ol02gm7] Notice, I said "and Europe" , now Europe had similar problems too, but manage to get out of it since you put respect to the government, because they know one slip up and they're out the next term. That's the scare tactics one can use, not bashing someone down because he doesn't believe in the same ideas. The racism will always exist nomatter in the world, but take denmark and sweden as an example. Now denmark despite it's severe economic and immigrant problems resolved this without use of violence, maybe not to anyone satisfactory (certainly not mine) but they resolved it without using military or any other use of force and remember it was there the Moha. cartoon originated. Sweden as well has its problems with immigrants, some of them actually thai as well... (So so much for thais respect the laws abroad) and there were clashes between groups , between groups and police. At most the cops used watercannon and peppersprays, and the matter was dealt with. If the government is firm and to the point , matters will be resolved, but in Thailand no one has the respect for authorities and law. Now I don't blame mainly the local but mostly the authorities like police and military but they are part of this country too, and they have no intention of upholding the law whatsoever so the normal locals see that it's no point to follow the law since the authorities don't. Thats why it is what it is here... Nothing bothers the locals until they hear money... justice, human rights, upholding the law, are just concepts the thais put on the bookshelf... I certainly don't like some farangs that comes to Thailand, because I've seen in many places like Koh Samui, Phuket and Bangkok why they are really here, but that doesn't mean that all farangs that comes to live here are like this. Quite common misconception with thais. I've been in US and I've seen segregation like I've seen in Europe too, but when I was in LA, I saw black people hanging around with latino and white far*ts , I didn't see actually any kind of racism but of course it exists, but in Thailand it exists almost everywhere, you can't simply avoid it. Bangkok night clubs denies black people entree, white people always have to pay more no matter what. In south all of the sudden a dish which costed 30 baht on the menu suddenly cost 50 baht with no explanation, it is pretty obvious that either people have no idea how farang world works that not all born with silver spoons in their mouth, or they are obvious to the fact and simply ignorant. There is no denial that racism exists everywhere in the world, hidden or otherwise but in Thailand it's clearly visible.

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