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    Rude immigration staff

    By ChiefSealth, Created on: 27/04/2009, Last updated on: 19/08/2010

    ยป Is it just me or have you also notice how rude and disgruntled the Thai immigration staff seems to be at BKK? I thought it was just a fluke my first visit but now I've experienced very unfriendly and rude staff multiple times entering and exiting Thailand. And before anyone asks all of my forms and...

    • bkpforummod commented : Pappy - You were right, happy to read this thread and I read it through fully, which further peaked my interest. [quote="Dezrat773":3248xrwv]I think just about all immigration staff are rude almost any place that you go. [/quote:3248xrwv] Y'lnow that is pretty good. I went to America like a year or so ago and they went ballistic on me, asking why I had been to Burma, Serbia, Somalia and Mainland China in particular - despite the fact that I had all the visas, and I hold interational press credentials - and were stamped in the book in good order... And guess what? You want the bonus? I am an American born citizen carrying an American passport, and that some of those stamps in the book carried UN or NATO designation - or US military - backing... I was placed in the line where I worried that the women with the latex gloves would want to 'inspect' me (she looked eager)... It can happen anywhere. (Luckily the final line I was in led to a guy who was a Vietnam vet, now working in airport security, who was more worried if Thailand 'was like he remembered it' - He wants to visit [and a divorce] apparently). The Chinese don't let me come to the Mainland w/o an official visa - this is because they review my passport and will not allow journalists, which I have too many related stamps for. So they make me apply for an 'Official Visit'', which I have noticed includes a [nominal] tail from the airport and a sentry/watchman at the hotel (which I must register with immigration). They don't seem to be so good on the streets, but dropping a foot level tail in Shanghai or Guangzhou is easy... Then there is Thailand. I have come here so many time through immigration that it almost seems a joke. I have a non-immigrant M (media) visa (with MOFA issued press card) - possibly the best standing visa available, and they are nice to me. But I speak Thai, wai them, and toss them the book open to their page of interest... And I have quazi-citizenship in Hong Kong, and fly back and forth so much they want to stamp my hand to save pages... So I have been okay... Then there is my friend/cohort/work mate... Now yeah, he was not so clever as my Imm-M is a multiple entry and on his Imm-M he got cheap ***** and only bought a single entry. Went out on holiday, has a girlfriend from an adjacent country - [a country] currently under immigration scrutiny - and tried to bring her back. Well, first - they denied him entry on his "M", told him that he would be admitted on a 30 day tourist visa, and would have to re-apply for his M, requiring him TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY for at least 2 weeks (and lose out on work). Point 2: We are not going to admit you're girlfriend.. Even though she has been here multiple times, on a tourist visa, and sponsored by you; because, well, we don't feel like it... This is while they are sitting in limbo at Suvarnabhumi having just arrived from his girlfriend's home country. He had to sit until 7 am (more than 8 hours), waiting for an 'officer' of immigration to arrive to issue him a re-entry permit under his M Visa/Work permit (thus killing the loss of wage; and the need to play pinch and tickle with MOFA), but the oficer declared his girlfriend a momentary 'persona non-grata' who - despite her immigration history (and return to her county), and my buddies' sponsorship fiscally, was to be deported... My buddy just about lost it. Actually, he did lose it. "How is she to go home?! She is just here to visit me!!" The female immigration officer slapped the girl's passport and plane ticket down on rhe desk - "Deprted persons get priority - she has a round trip ticket (wasted money now), she will be home soon!" Now, c'mon..? That's just mean. BFM -

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