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    Rude immigration staff

    By ChiefSealth, Created on: 27/04/2009, Last updated on: 19/08/2010

    » Is it just me or have you also notice how rude and disgruntled the Thai immigration staff seems to be at BKK? I thought it was just a fluke my first visit but now I've experienced very unfriendly and rude staff multiple times entering and exiting Thailand. And before anyone asks all of my forms and...

    • Happy Expat commented : Dear Chief Selth, You must have a very limited travelling experience. If you had as much as mine you would by now have come to the realisation that ALL immigration staff, wherever they are, are rude. By comparison however I can say that Thai immigration staff do not normally fit into this category. I have found them to be the opposite of what you describe. If you want to experience REAL rudeness try going to any of the following countries:- Australia (Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane), USA (Hawaii or Anchorage take the cake), Russia (Moscow or Vladivostok), China (any point of entry), India, but the one that really takes the cake is Dubai. Been there for the first and last time. Generally the reason is, in my opinion, that these people are drawn from a low level of education and invested with far more authority than they can handle. Add to that the people they deal with inbound are likely to be stressed out after a long flight and are oversensitive to the behaviour directed at them. A mixture guaranteed to create unpleasantness. My advice is don't try to be "nice". Remain stoic, do not try to promote "pleasant" conversation, hand over your passport,remain silent and get on with it. Happy Expat

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    Thai airports, trains, buses, public transport


    By Anonymous, Created on: 01/03/2008, Last updated on: 30/07/2009

    » Report to Security Manager and Airport Police, robbery at X-Ray checking of passengers, 27 Feb 2008 . Copy sent to embassies and medias. 29 FEB 2008 Mr Michel XIMA Chemin du Mistral 13113 – LAMANON (France) mail : Attention to : CHIEF SECURITY PASSENGERS § AIRPORT...

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