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    Business opportunity

    Golf Course Association from America in Thailand

    By khunju, Created on: 19/08/2015, Last updated on: 19/08/2015

    » [b:1u7px6nh]Quality Golf's[/b:1u7px6nh] Executive Director Tony Taylor has contracted to be an international liaison for the [b:1u7px6nh]Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA)[/b:1u7px6nh] in Thailand and surrounding areas. The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America...

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    For rent

    Indian Hotels takes revival road under new CEO

    By jgfjffj, Created on: 13/05/2015, Last updated on: 13/05/2015

    » Indian Hotels Company, a Tata Group company, has been under intense scrutiny for the past three years. It has not added even a single upmarket hotel to its inventory since 2010, has recorded no profits since 2012-13 and has had to face shareholder's ire for unfruitful overseas investments. But, Rakesh...

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