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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    Land purchase through Thai spouse forbidden: Land Dept

    By Suttisan, Created on: 28/05/2009, Last updated on: 02/10/2016

    » -- Land purchase through Thai spouse forbidden: Land Dept The director general of the Land Department has reiterated that foreigners using Thai nominees to buy land anywhere in the country will have their land title deeds revoked if caught – even if the nominee in question is a lawfully wedded...

    • Somluck commented : I believe it is known as a sovereign state (country). Each country makes its own laws. Some like you might want every country to have the same laws, others don't. Just look at Britain leavin the European Union. I don't find the law in relation to a less than 50% equitable interest property difficult to understand. It is very simple non Thais can only have a less than 50% equitable interest in property. I find it disturbing that people say "I bought the property in my spouse's name" and wonder why they breach the 50% rule. What do the words "I bought the property in my spouse's name" mean? It means to me you actually equitably have a 100% interest in the property and the spouse is simply a bare trustee whose name is on the title. The Thai law is simply normal Anglo Saxon law as practiced in England, USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc etc.. The same can be for the use of Thai companiesfor the same purpose. Both arrangement are simply very legal silly constructs ( that don't work) intended to get around a very simple policy.

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    Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns

    The Value of a Tourist.

    By Sean Moran, Created on: 18/01/2009, Last updated on: 15/12/2010

    » What are some of the most common positive and negative results of foreign tourists from overseas visiting Thailand? Thai opinions welcome, kap.

    • boonfah commented : I understand Thais concern on this. I am one of those tourists and am horrified at the lack of respect some tourists show your country as all Thais I have come across are such a respectfull and friendly people. I try to stay away from Bangkok for that reason so i dont have to see drunk English in the bars their. But going up north I love Nakon Sawan and stayed there for a month recently. I love Thailand and I love the poeple (my girlfriend is Thai so am very biased). I only wish that my own country in England that people would have the same respect for others. Unfortunaltley your economy does reley a little too much on tourism which is shame for a country with such vast wealth. Of course without all the world bank and IMF debt that Thailand is in you wouldnt need to be so reliant on tourism or its money. It is only with these loans that countries like the US and the UK steal your vast natural wealth for themseleves as they have done all around the globe.

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