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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    legal marriage

    By bailey2009, Created on: 13/10/2010, Last updated on: 25/09/2011

    » Hi everyone, my partner married a thai national in 2002, he says it was all registered at the relevant uk embassy etc to be recognised in the uk, they both came back to the uk to settle but seperated after two years. fast forward five years and he met me and is now desperate to marry me, he has contacted...

    • farang_jai commented : If he was legally married in Thailand, then it is recognized that he is legally married in the UK regardless of there being a record of it. For example, when a Thai national applies for a fiancée visa to the UK or USA it is done so on the basis that there is no present marriage in Thailand. The Western nation would not have a record of the Thai marriage, but still recognizes it and would deny the fiancée visa if it were discovered. In order to avoid future conflicts, your partner should take the appropriate action in Thailand. My wife tells me that it is not necessary for him to return to the place of marriage registration. Rather he needs to go to either an Amphur or District (ked) office in Bangkok with his wife to finalize the divorce. The office need not be where the wife or he has or does reside nor where the marriage was registered. He will need her consent and participation, otherwise divorce is not possible.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    American Woman Seeking Divorce from Thai Husband

    By Stature888, Created on: 05/08/2010, Last updated on: 06/08/2010

    » Hello All, At the moment I am seeking to divorce my Thai husband. It seems that all the information sought through government agencies varies considerably, as all the information is for 'farang' men divorcing Thai women. The laws are so different between the sexes? Anyway, Any feedback would be...

    • ohm commented : [quote:1p9khvqk]by Stature888 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:13 p08 Hello All, At the moment I am seeking to divorce my Thai husband. It seems that all the information sought through government agencies varies considerably, as all the information is for 'farang' men divorcing Thai women. The laws are so different between the sexes? Anyway, Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also- if anyone has a great attorney in Bangkok (preferably American) I would be grateful for any recommendations. Thanks in advance...[/quote:1p9khvqk] You can do a Google search to find attorney in Bangkok. There is a list of them at Google search. Or look at US Embassy in Bangkok and American Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok websites for lawyer suggestion.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Are divorce papers required

    By boatman37210, Created on: 23/08/2010, Last updated on: 23/04/2015

    » I am an American who will marry a wonderful Thai lady in November. I am 62 and have been married and divorced twice over the years. Do I have to provide copies of divorce papers for both marriages in order to marry? The reason I ask is the first divorce took place 30 years ago and I've since lost...

    • Danthai commented : Mr. Ajarn V: Sunbelt responds: When registering marriage in Thailand, you will need to provide the District Office with a document called the "Affirmation of Freedom to Marry". If you have been married before, you must obtain another document called an "Affidavit of Single Status" proving that you have been divorced or widowed. I'm afraid you will have to get these two documents from your embassy as they will not issue one without the other. You may even have to provide them with a translated English version of your Thai Divorce Certificate (certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Thai marriages are recognized by US laws, therefore you will have to report to them that you have been divorced; this is the main reason why the US Embassy requires both affidavits. It will appear in their system that you have requested an "Affirmation of Freedom to Marry" from your previous marriage. [b:156zwreq]Once you have both affidavits, you must then translate them into Thai and have them certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. [/b:156zwreq] It will take approximately 2 - 3 days for the certification of document but may be longer depending on the volume of applicants for certification. As soon as they issue the certification, you are now ready to register your marriage at the District Office in Korat. Bear in mind however, that some District Offices reserve the right to request for a translated Thai version of your passport. [b]Just what I said in my previous post about taking docs to record at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Document required to register a marriage at the amphur

    By Anonymous, Created on: 12/03/2008, Last updated on: 12/03/2008

    » I have a little situation and was wondering if anyone could give me some advise with this; I am a 50 Years old Austrian Citizen with a Permanent Residency Status (Green Card Holder) to the United States. I got married and registered in New York City and divorced by the Supreme Court of the State...

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Some comments from typical Thai lady.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/01/2008, Last updated on: 25/05/2009

    » Just some comments from Thai lady side, please be known that my comments are from only my experience. Why do we look down Farang with dark woman? - They don't have the minimum standard for their wife. ( I have no complain marrying with bar girl. What the reason do you choose her to be your...

    • alfrdmas commented : Certainly some farangs are not all that socially adjusted to Thailand, but I live in America with my Thai wife and son, and I can tell you that two Thai women we met here thought they could bring their snobbery and social posturing to my country. We were in the middle of a Thai market here in America and a Thai woman from Bangkok started to insult my wife by saying rude things about eating nam ya ba. Unfortunately for her I speak Thai well enough to understand what was being said, and I told her quite loudly in fact, that she was not to disrespect my wife ever. She and her husband were shocked, but we have freedom of speech here, and I am not about to play the social hierarchical games that this Thai woman, who thought we were of meager means, wanted to play. I also informed her that my wife being from Kolat was just as good as any person on the planet and encouraged her to read up on the Buddha because he certainly didn't want us to be mean to each other. She was very embarassed at her own behavior or having it pointed out to her bluntly. The vast majority of all people are usually decent; I deal directly with anyone who disrespects my wife including the woman who worked at immigration at the airport when we left. She was shocked that I wanted to see her supervisor for her rude treatment of my wife, who is a very kind person. So now that we all realize that we are going to occasionally see bad behavior wherever we are let's not generalize the behavior of the minority to the majority. Anyone who goes to Thailand just for the prostitution is a complete moron as prostitution exists everywhere.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    marriage in thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 15/02/2008, Last updated on: 21/02/2008

    » im canadian , how do we get married in thailand , and what is easy way to do it ?

    • Anonymous commented : This information is all over the Internet, Google it... A legal marriage in Thailand consists of both parties registering their marriage in person with the local Thai Amphur (Civil Registry Office). [ The United States does recognize the validity of such a marriage.] 1. Complete an affidavit at the Canadian Embassy, 15th Floor, Abdulrahim Place 990 Rama IV Road Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand The affidavit form, available upon request, includes all of the information required by relevant Thai law. The form must be completed and notarized at the Embassy. You may download a copy of the form here. 2. Have the notarized affidavit translated. Click here for a list of translators in the Bangkok area. 3. Take the affidavit and translation to: Legalization Division Department of Consular Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3rd Floor, 123 Chaeng Wattana Road Tung Song Hong, Laksi District, Bangkok Tel:(02) 575-1057-8, Fax:(02) 575-1054 4. Take the affidavit and supporting documents to a local Amphur and register yourselves as married. The Amphur will also require the following documents: Your Canadian passport If one party is Thai, the Thai citizen's identification card If either party is under the age of twenty, written permission from the parents (with Thai translation); If either you or your fiance have been previously married the Amphur will want to see proof that prior marriages have been terminated; either divorce or death certificates. These documents, if available, should be translated into Thai prior to presentation at the Amphur. Simple, and good luck, I hope he's a honey.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Resident Alien wants to bring G/f to USA

    By Anonymous, Created on: 27/11/2007, Last updated on: 14/12/2007

    » I live in Bangkok (condo I own no mortgage) and USA (have house with nice mortgage and negative equity) on and off. Divorced and have girlfriend in Bangkok. Shes country girl working in food industry in Bangkok (no bar girl here), divorced, one kid lives with X's parents back in home province...

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Thai Marriage Laws

    By Anonymous, Created on: 18/05/2007, Last updated on: 11/08/2010

    » I am trying to understand why Westerners living and married to Thai nationals are denied permanent residency status once they are legally married in the kingdom. In the west a Thai national receives residency once they are officially married to a western citizen. Procedures are followed and intensive...

    • Aussie John commented : Yasoboy I take it you are Chinese/Thai so I can understand your outpouring of support and refusal to look into the nature of disporas throuhout Asia. You lack the historical knowledge to understand the cultural strength of Chinese disporas in South East Asia. Contemporary colonialism has seen many Aisan disporas let freely into host nations only to disrupt the economic and social balance of the host. e.g. Malaysia, Indonesia and the Solomons. I call passive colonialisation but you will probably dispute this. Do some research on contemporary social structures within South East Asia. Its part of my own social research which I have spent years looking at. I agree the Chinese Thai have given the Thai nation economic strength through their industrious hard work and initiative. Yes very similar to the colonising white man but the laws are different . The Thai nation has colonised many parts of the country in both the North East and the south where much of the kingdoms present problems are coming from. Why is this.? I am trying to understand the nature of laws that have been created to dissuade certain people from imigrating to the kingdom. At present the laws are quite inhibitive and its not about old style colonialism that would not be tolerated in todays global economy. Most western countries accept spouses from foreign countries they are accepted and encouraged through support to intergrate. My wife is not Chinese Thai, nor is she or ever has been a prostitute as insinuated by previous posters. She has a job and works hard here in Oz as do many Thais. Yet she still cops discrimination from Bangkok Thais. Why is this.? Australia is a free nation with close economic links with Thailand. We have a huge Thai community that has been more than willing to immigrate here. If we were so oppressive as you keep telling me why do they continue to come in their thousands.? Our laws are fairer for those with foreign spouses they dont treat them as criminals. Thais have been indoctrinated into believing outsiders want to take over. With a complex culture such as Thailand this is totally impossible. Thailand is strategically positioned and is backed militarily by the USA another evil coloniser. If you are an intelligent Thai you would be able to see the reconcillation problems in your own country. There is true disparity not only between the social classes but also the diverse cultural regions. The feudal system never trully left, it just has been modified to suit those who economically control the kingdom. There are over forty million rural Thai who due to their social class and cultural background are denied opportunity due the deliberate lack of economic and educational investment in their regions. They must seperate from their families in much the same way as Chinese rural people do and go to work in the economically centeralised capital cities which are controlled by elite families who are mostly from a elite Chinese/Thai backgrounds. This is a social reality. Social groups from diffewrent cultural backgrounds although being all Thai are definitely not equal. Yes I can hear you coming at me again about my own countries past but you fail to understand our laws now. Australia is a modern nation I should not be held responsible for my fore fathers actions I try to move forward in a fair and humane way. Chai mai. We do not deny Thai with Australians spouses the right to feel secure. When they have PR they are given almost the same treatment as Australian citizens. That the Thai government has tougher immigration laws in my eyes is not about colonialisation that you keep harping on about. It goes deeper than that and if you were to look outside of the shallow, unquestioning education most Thais receive you would understand that all Thais are not free and equal. You are being decieved but as most Thais have been instructed and usually retort Farangs are stupid and could never understand the contadictory nature of Thai culture. I put it to you most Thais wouldn't understand it either as what appears at the face is not what is hidden on the inside. My wife and I are happy here in Oz. Thailand is the one that misses out, as the world is a global community where people who are inter related in most cases are given the opportunity to move freely and not deliberately shut out if they dont have enough CASH to bypass archaic laws that are made for the few. Yet again this is a topic on Thai marriage laws. So many Thai journalists in this paper have written about the injustices of the government and Thai elite and the laws that they create for the masses but do not abide by themselves. Why do these intelligent Thais who write get the opportunity to express their views on injustices yet foreigners are treated as stupid with no right to comment on things that directly affect them and their REAL Thai families. As I used to write many years ago. Long live the POOR as they are the true owners of Thailand for without them all Thais would not be able to survive. So treat them with respect and allow their foreign partners to trully support them as they allowed to in many western nations.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Anybody know?? How can I get married with Thai girl? (I am an american guy)

    By Anonymous, Created on: 08/03/2007, Last updated on: 06/06/2007

    » Anybody know?? How can I get married with Thai girl? I want to know about Thai laws and the steps to get marrige certificate. (I am an american guy)

    • Anonymous commented : hi Colin I have read alot of your postings and I agree totally with you. I have been coming to Thailand for about 10 years and in fact I worked in Bangkok. Lived in Pattaya for most of the year but i have a house in the US. Lately I have grown weary of living in Thailand and have gone back to the US with my Thai wife. We plan to remain in the US until December or so. I don't particularly care for Pattaya but I have developed a group of good friends and that is what keeps me from moving elsewhere. Best,

    • Anonymous commented : I married a Thai Lady one year ago. I am very Happy ,and reside in Bangkok, in the Lat Phrao area. The process to get married is time consuming and will cost you around $ 150.00 US + or -. Here are some steps you have to take to get the marriage certificate. No. 1 - Go to the American Embassy and get proof of income document, stamped and certified by Embassy, plus proof certificate that you are not currently married. ( $ cost approx, $60.00) No. 2 - Get Embassy papers translated into Thai and have Certified by The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ( there will be list of Translators on Embassy Document) DO NOT USE THE STREET VENDORSSTANDING OUTSIDE THE EMBASSY GATES TO DO THIS> No.3 - After Translation and Certification (about Two Days). You Take the papers, your wife to be and (HIGHLY recommend a Thai person who speaks English) Odds are if you do not take along someone, they will ask for it. The marriage License is cheap. Approx. 50Baht. As far as the family money thing, that is dependent upon the tradition of the Girl you are marrying. As far as mine, i did not have to do that. If you are residing in Bangkok, I would be more than happy to help you with getting this done for you. If not. Good Luck and have a Happy Life Robert in Thailand

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    where can i buy money tree seeds?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 15/03/2007, Last updated on: 21/03/2007

    » we,ve all heard the word money tree ,this weird and wonderful plant that seems to be owned by nearly all farangs who are married to a thai lady ,her parents, brothers ,sisters ,and all the hangers on his wife calls friends ,well i,m married just to a thai lady thats all ,but i feel i,m being discriminated...

    • Anonymous commented : Yes, I know of the money tree. There are many growing in Pattaya and in the farang areas of Bangkok. Some are even found in Phuket. But those trees are harvested only once per season (the tourist season). Once harvested and the leaves are gone, the tree will usually never sprout forth money again. To get a new crop, a new tree must grow. Seeds of the money tree are not indigenous to Thailand. The seeds come from such far away places as the UK, America, Sweden, and Germany. Some even come from Russia, but they seed from Russia is usually of poor quality and gives forth little money. Seeds from Pakistan or India are even worse. Usually the seeds come into Thailand by air with November, December and January the prime times for the seeds to enter. The seeds grow and give off money very rapidly with two weeks being the normal period. Some however will begin to give off money within a few days. For you farangs who are looking for seeds of the money tree, forget it. The tree will never be found. However, Thai people, particularly young attractive women have a genetic quality where they can smell the tree very clearly. They can usually smell it from quite some distance and are quite adept at harvesting. For the relatives of Thai women, finding the money tree is much more difficult but it can be found. However it is better to let the woman search for the tree. She has better luck.

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