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    Visa / work permit / resident / citizenship / dual passport - what's required

    getting dual citizenship

    By Anonymous, Created on: 06/06/2006, Last updated on: 15/03/2011

    ยป hello every one i have a question reguarding dual citizenship program in thailand and would like clerification and advice from anybod in thailand. i was born in Thailand in 1978 (B.E. 2521) and my father (an American Tourist) ask that i be given a U.S. Citizen (at birth) in according to the Order...

    • Anonymous commented : As I am reading the posting already listed about duel citizenship I find that it might be hard for me to become a citizen. If anyone could provide me some information that may be able to help me I would appriciate it. I am Thai. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. However, I was adopted after being six weeks old. I do have the original Thail birth certificate. I do not know my birth parents but are aware that both my parents were Thai and have sisters also. I have no idea where to begin in order to contact them due to Thai law and closed documents. I now seek to get this information due to having a child of my own. I would also like to apply to become a citizen of Thailand. How could I go about this without knowing my biological parents? Any help is great. Thanks Elizabeth Koelling USA

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