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    TechJam 2018 by KBTG, a new era of tech competition

    By prnews, Created on: 20/07/2018, Last updated on: 20/07/2018

    » [attachment=1:rhbw3kco]TechJam2018-8.jpg[/attachment:rhbw3kco][b:rhbw3kco]TechJam 2018 by KBTG, a new era of tech competition to push forward Thailand’s technology and innovation development, offers chances to win more than 2 million Baht prizes and a trip to Silicon Valley[/b:rhbw3kco] TechJam...

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    PR news / Promotions / Events


    By prnews, Created on: 24/03/2014, Last updated on: 24/03/2014

    » [b:2zpkvsur]NISSAN LAUNCHES FIRST ‘GT ACADEMY’ IN THE ASEAN REGION[/b:2zpkvsur] - Virtual racers in Thailand invited to compete for an opportunity to turn Pro NISMO Athlete - [attachment=0:2zpkvsur]NISSAN.jpg[/attachment:2zpkvsur] [b:2zpkvsur]BANGKOK, Thailand (March 19, 2014)[/b:2zpkvsur] –...

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    Do you speak English Khun Noy?

    By surapong, Created on: 26/07/2010, Last updated on: 07/01/2016

    » Ms Noy’s gonna need some English lessons in order to pass her tests to prove that her command of the language is good enough before being granted her visa. The number of Thai women from the Northeast marrying foreigners is rising every year. Over the past few months, almost 2,000 people have shown...

    • KhunMaw commented : I'm afraid Beau is right. The education you're getting is a far different sort that you envision. Hang onto your wallet. I'd ask "how in the heck do you marry someone after visiting her in the bar a few times?" but I've seen it happen over and over again. Some guys are overwhelmed coming from virtual social invisibility to the attention of a young nubile damsel in distress. I remember when a friend married a gal from Khon Kaen and bought her family a pig farm. One disaster after another requiring a cash infusion (by guess who?). Ultimately he divorced her and married a much nicer, better educated and ambitious Thai woman. They run a business brokerage together in Bangkok. I speak a fair amount of Thai and find language and culture a huge obstacle. I almost married a Thai/Chinese woman I met in the US when she was at University. The Chinese father and I got along well, but the Thai mother didn't like the idea of a farang (or at least this one) being part of the household. She could never stand up to the family and had to move back to her "golden cage" in Bangkok. Her family was well off and I think wanted a mil for the sin sot.

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    International Marriage - a new type of Human Traffickings

    By Anonymous, Created on: 08/11/2006, Last updated on: 08/11/2006

    » A female teacher of Ubon was hooked up through the famous international dot com website 'M' marriage/match-making site and met a Pakistan men, who murdered her in Bangkok. A Kalasin prostitute married an American man and moved into New Jersey and finally dumped by the man and she is now...

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    thai divorce and property law

    By Anonymous, Created on: 21/02/2005, Last updated on: 16/01/2006

    » I'm a U.S. citizen and married to a thai guy in U.S., he has nothing in U.S. but business ownership, land and bank accounts in thailand. our baby is going to be U.S. citizen, i want to know, is it true by law that he told me that i cannot co-own any business, land or bank account of his? what can...

    • Anonymous commented : You mention Not Turning to Thailand and a two year period? Don't understand the two year period? He is now fearful of returning to Thailand, as she insists, although she is seeming to agree to an annulment. Her father is a high police official in a large city. My son feels that if they are in collusion, and only after money, he might just "disappear" over there---or have weed planted on him and have to pay his way out of jail. Is there any way to get an annulment w/o returning? The marriage is registered in Bangkok, but she insists it can be annulled in her home of Khon Kaen city? She refuses to meet him anywhere else as he has suggested. If he disappears, or gets run off the road, she will still own half of his assets, right? Even though they have only spent a few hours together after the marriage and haven't seen each other since? Worries about this girl are driving him crazy. At first her phone calls and emails were affectionate. Then in the spring she became a vixen demanding more and more money and threatening to go to Pattya if he continued to "starve" her. She is in the exact same position as before the marriage--no extra expenses--she is paid for taking care of her sister's child--an eight year old nephew--at 800 Bahts a month...she lives at home (and does most of the work for her father and mother). Do girls usually insist on being supported Before they arrive in America on visa. He had wanted a fiancee visa, but was told by the sister and husband that this was impossible because of her age---26---and because her job as a family nanny---previously she worked in a karoke bar and was supposedly going to accounting school...for the year when she and my son corresponded. My son thought, and still occasionally thinks that maybe, there is a translation now all she talks about is money and his obligations...and that he is selfish for only sending her 2-250 bahts a month...he was saving for wedding, visas, fixing up his house for her, etc. He told them he wasn't a rich farang, just a 20ish architectural draftsman, starting his own business. This whole situation is making him sick---first believing she loves him, then believing she has someone new lined up. Any clues? It was when she started withdrawing money from a bank in Bangkok while claiming she was in Khon Kaen that he demanded answers...she claims the bank is crazy...though they've checked twice, and she claims it was from a Bangkok St in Khon Khan...but when he asked her to withdraw from that account again, she refused. Any hope? His sister who once travelled alone to Thailand recently, had all her money stolen by a man she thought was a Thai friend the first day in the country; then had a marijuana leave planted in her backpack on a train, when she left it to go to the bathroom which a Thai lady warned her about, so she was able to extricate it---and sure enough 15 mintues later a couple police came through asking to check inside luggage. This is a long letter, sorry, but we have no one to turn to. So far no one here knows any Thai the law school...

    • Anonymous commented : Correction. Son originally agreed to give new Thai bride $250 a month (not 250 bahts) from MT until processed her K-3. He also sent twice that originally for a period of time to help her pay off her previous debts. Then he insisted that they go back to their original agreement--$250 only--except for emergencies and gifts. She had gotten used to the higher amount and hit the roof and refuse to maintain the budget by spending all the $250 from the account he set up for her as soon as it arrived--the first week of the month and then cajoling constantly for more.. When he refused to send more--as he had warned her he must save for visa, marriage and take care of his new business--She claimed he was starving her and not meeting his obligations. She didn't seem to ever believe him when he would tell her by phone and by email NO NO NO to outspending the $250 each month. She never sent any sad ,separated sweetheart kinds of emails, once he forced her to stay within budget (she receives 8000 bahts a month from her sister for caring for the sister's 8 year old spoiled son---even bathing him, dressing him, powdering his bottom, and catering to his every whim) In the spring, she only wrote about her husband's being "selfish---all my Thai friends agree---you're selfish---just like Thai men are." (???) "Why did you sign marriage registration if you weren't going to support me?!! Why you lie? How can I trust you?" She also got him to provide for English lessons, and claimed to be the best student in her class, but then dropped the classes this spring, around the time he started "starving" her. This girl has a car, lives in a new high standard house which the three sisters just bought for their parents---to get them out of police housing. They also have a country house, with rice, pond, etc. The father isn't retired, still working but spends most of his time with his girlfriend and refuses to pay mortgage for the house, so daughters are each to pay a new bride keeps asking my son to send money for mortgage ASAP.... 1) Could they annul and then apply for a K-1 visa with any chance of success? 2) In an uncontested divorce, in a marriage of 8 months, in which the couple has never lived together since registration, could the "husband" sign papers in US and get a proxy to present them at the amphur? 3) If they married in Bangkok, shouldn't they divorce there instead of in Khon Kaen which she insists? 4) Although non-contested, can the Amphur then assess a lot of trumped up fines on my son, and refuse to let him leave the country until they were paid? (She might have run up credit card debts or whatever in the nine months since he's seen her...) 5) Could he divorce her from the US, according to Thai laws, and send the papers over? We believe that last spring, she might have reunited with an old Thai boyfriend; or that her sister is lining up one of her husband's older friends to marry her next...they seem awfully anxious to end it....but my son says he would be a sitting duck for the cops or old boyfriends or whomever---leaving her with all his worldly assets, or at least half...(Somehow his bank knew of his recent foreign marriage, although he has never informed them? Weird...she has US in-laws with former CIA feels claustrophia and maybe we're paranoid...but reading the UN Report about Human Rights Violations during the Crackdown...and the disappearance of farangs, and the recognition that the police system is questionable and prisons unassailable...going back isn't an option, but the need to end this travesty is weighing on all of we vasilate like the ones who write to Stickman...She's innocent/she's not; she's cohersed/she instigating; she's Cinderella/she's Cruella de Ville; she has a Thai boyfriend/she doesn't/she is lining up a richer farang/she's heartbroken; he could go safely and quickly for a co-signing/he will get hit with lawsuits and not be able to leave the country; he would be safe in Bangkok/he would be set upon by a gang paid to avenge Thai girl's loss of face---farang thinks $250 enough for ME while he saves for wedding!!! Then one day he noticed while she was suppose to be at home--as she stated in her email--visiting with friends next door in Khon Kaen--documents from the account he set up for her had a withdrawal from Bangkok. When he asked her about this she said it was a mistake. She claimed she hadn't returned to Bangkok since their wedding, the day he flew back to Montana. He went to great effort to have the bank double-check where the withdrawal occurred. She claimed it was the Malikan branch on Bangkok Road in Khon Kaen. So--he sent her $85 and told her to please use that same branch bank for the withdrawal...she has refused and asked that he drop the subject as it is boring her, and she dislikes him accusing her as she is innocent. Ever since her weird behavior this spring, my son and I have been combing the internet to try and understand Thai culture, divorce and marriage laws, bar girls and found this forum. She has belatedly agreed to co-signing an annulment, and wants him to apply for the K-1 afterwards. However, when he asks that she and her mother or whomever, and nephew meet him in Bangkok where they married for annulment, with him paying all expenses, hotel, plane, etc. She refuses and says they must meet in Khon Kaen. My son worries that it wouldn't be safe to return to Khon Kaen. Although agreeing to co-signment of a non-contested divorce, she seems to be talleying up "her" expenses---could they hit him with a big bill for costing her "face" or whatever...and refuse to let him leave the country w/o his first paying? With a police chief father, who seems to really enjoy finding drug cars, which the police can then keep for themselves, and an uncle who is a lawyer---and the kind of records she seems to be keeping---it seems highly unlikely that my son can sail in, sign, and sail out. Would a proxy be allowed? The girl, herself, seems to rather naive, she has been caring for her sister's (who married a farang GI) child since the boy was 2 years old---the child is constantly being refused immigration by Thai authorities. The family seems to have an agenda of their own and she is just a pawn in the game...or so it seemed, until last spring when she seemed to change character from a loving bride and began ranting for more and more money. (We chalked it up to some translator writing the letters...perhaps even her sister who is now rich via marrying a farang who later became successful businessman. NO to spending outside the budget, but she just went ahead. Then threatened to become a bar-girl if he didn't send between 450 and 500 dollars a month. Later, she said this wasn't a serious threat, only a "test" of him. Originally the future wedding ceremony in Khon Kaen was agreed by the family to be: $1000 bride price, a modest ceremony which could be up to a $1000, and a diamond ring. Then this spring, arguing for $400 or $500 a month--which was never agreed upon priorly although she claims so--she also demands now for the wedding: 150,000 bahts for mother; 150,000 bahts for reception which the Mom will cater ; and 150,000 bahts for show at wedding--with an unspecified amount returned later. One one-carat diamond ring. She now claims if these demands aren't meant her parents will refuse to let her come to America. Also, recently she has said if $250 monthly isn't sent to mother then she won't be "allowed" to go. Once in America, she claims she will try to pay half of Mom's costs. My son thought maybe they could get non-contested annulment and then apply for a K-1 visa for her---as it seems risky to bring her to America as a wife---while he would be protected if she were only a fiancee. If they were simpatico here, they could marry in the US, and then return for the Thai ceremony in a year (and he could get a pre-nup before he marries her here.) Would this work?

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    Getting married / divorced in Thailand - what's required

    Thai Divorce law

    By Anonymous, Created on: 02/12/2004, Last updated on: 09/01/2009

    » I heard from a farang that under Thai law men can divorce women in two days. But for a woman, it takes two years. The reasoning being that women are thought of as temperamental creatures, prone to wild mood swings, who need plenty of time to calm down...

    • Anonymous commented : I rashly got a marriage registered to a Thai friend's sister, after a year of emails and a three week family stay in Khon Kaen ten months ago. I was told she couldn't get a fiancee visa as she was only 25, and had only worked as her nephew's nanny and at a karoke bar. She has constantly demanded more and more money from me, pre Visa, until now I think I can't afford her...(was sending 225 a month, plus extras and she started demanding 500 dollars a month...although we've never lived together as man and wife, as I flew back to the US after the wedding. She has finally agreed to a no-contest annulment. However, she insists I return to her town to do it and I suspect mischief will befall me if I return, as her father is in the police. Her emails got very abusive when I wouldn't pay for her family's appliances for their new house where she still lives. Her expenses haven't increased since we married, so I don't know why I should be "supporting" a 26 year old able-bodied woman who claims to have higher education--yes, accounting. My question: Can I have a lawyer or someone take my papers to the divorce office to represent me? I don't want to return to Thailand! I stopped sending any money after she claimed that w/o 500 a month from me, she would starve and be forced to become a bar girl. I suspect a scam. I also expect if I return they will either slam me with huge costs, alimony for a woman I never lived with, or I'll become a "disappeared" or thrown in prison. I desperately want out. I'm already heartsick but don't want to become destitute as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also, can uncontested divorces be down in Khon Kaen? I wanted to return to Bangkok where we married, but she insists that I return to Khon Kaen where her family has a lot of police and legal power. I feel I'm being fleeced (at the time I quit sending money she was also saying without a 8000 dollar wedding ceremony and a one carat diamond ring, and 250 dollars a month for her parents once we were in America, her parents wouldn't agree to let her come to America. (If immigration would even let her in...she seemed nice and loving, but sometimes would withdraw $$ from the account I set up for her from a Bangkok bank, while I was being emailed the same day from Khon Kaen...she claims my bank there is "stupid" but won't do anything to prove there was an error--and continues to claim she has never returned to bangkok since our marriage registration. Help!

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