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    Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 28/01/2008, Last updated on: 05/02/2014

    ยป The advertising board on the way to Airport is shown "Foreigner Zone.. Buying house (somewhere around Bangkok..) Foreigner, with Special Price!!" I know the property company may want to attract foreigners to invest in property in Thailand. But, what about Thais who also want to own the...

    • Anonymous commented : Ian, It is difficult for a western cultured alien to understand the common personality of ordinary Japanese, and to be worse, Japan and the people have been wrongly introduced to the world by western scholars and, to be funny by Japanese descendants whose ancestors migrated to US in 19 and 20c. In general, their studies are full of mistake or too imaginery products. I can say there is no racism or racial discremination in modern Japanese society. However there is a rigid value among them, say, distinguishing MEIMOKU and HONNE. The former is external appearance that shall socialize with others including foreigners, and the latter is the internal faith or real desire of an individual. In other's eyes, it is shown as a double-ty or confused personality. A Japanese ususally form two groups around him, one is formal or open society and other is the group of inner people. When they play golf in a team and if the team is inner cicle people, they used not to invite a lone alien player into their group. However if the team is a gathering of 'international' people, they are friendly and open to anyone. Here their MEIMOKU works well, like paying bill alternatively, in strick golf rule and atiquette by way of carefully chosen conversation. Because the rule of Meimoku is not to disturb others and not loosing own face. This whole picture is seen by westerners as 'discrimination'. Also Japanese people is ones who feel easily "shyness" to, especially to westerner because the western culture is advanced and "they may cajole our Nato eating culture". (Nato is deeply fermented soy bean paste, generally emits strong, unacceptable odor. Also the raw fish eating is same.) Befriending a Japanese is initially difficult but once got it, they are very pleasant people. Getting into the inner circle - Honne group is the matter. Korean and Chinese know this very well and they deal Japanese very well. Also few of them feel they are discriminated by a Japanese. Rather they often cajole clumsy Meimoku protocol Japanese demonstrates. "You must endure long greeting ceremony when you meet first Japanese business partner" Once CNN reporter reported. Many Japaneses too laughed at this report. Today most of internationalized biz people or youngers are same one as found in London. They are rude, impolite and aggressive, as long as in the eyes of the old generation of Japanese.

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