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    CPN announces the grand opening of ‘Central Phuket’

    By prnews, Created on: 17/08/2018, Last updated on: 17/08/2018

    » [attachment=2:3uqbdvmb]1.JPG[/attachment:3uqbdvmb]CPN announces the grand opening of ‘Central Phuket’ on 10th Sep 2018; aims to create ‘The World’s Must-Visit Destination in Thailand’ under the concept of ‘The World Comes to Play’ • As a CPN’s luxury flagship store, Central Phuket...

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    By lopewmis, Created on: 30/01/2016, Last updated on: 30/01/2016

    » only Flagyl free consult.Flagyl xr online [url=][img:1u8x5pld][/img:1u8x5pld][/url:1u8x5pld] [url=][size=130:1u8x5pld][color=red:1u8x5pld][b:1u8x5pld]>>BUY...

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    Valium on sale cheap online.Valium with next day delivery wi

    By lopewmis, Created on: 30/01/2016, Last updated on: 30/01/2016

    » Valium on sale cheap online.Valium with next day delivery without prescription with free shipping [url=][img:2nb2szkg][/img:2nb2szkg][/url:2nb2szkg] [url=][size=130:2nb2szkg][color=red:2nb2szkg][b:2nb2szkg]>>BUY...

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    Full-HD Ride Along 2 Watch Online Video Free and Download

    By cemplong, Created on: 02/02/2016, Last updated on: 02/02/2016

    » Watch Ride Along 2 2016, Watch Ride Along 2 full free,Watch Ride Along 2 live streaming,Only 2 step you can Watch or download Ride Along 2 here.Full Video Ride Along 2 HD quality,Watch Ride Along 2 Stream and Download Full Movie. Direct access to watch Ride Along 2 movie, with excellent audio/video...

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    Manchester United to wear Nike - NOT Adidas - on pre-seas

    By Hermione30, Created on: 16/05/2015, Last updated on: 16/05/2015

    » Manchester United will wear [url=]nike air max[/url:30m9501d] kits for their pre-season tour of the United States, despite signing a world record £750m kit deal with Adidas last year. Adidas will become United's kit suppliers from the start of the...

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    Watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao Live PPV Fight on 02 May 2015

    By solankia, Created on: 20/04/2015, Last updated on: 03/05/2015

    » LIVE STREAMING TV LINK== [url:2cja0gvk][/url:2cja0gvk] [url:2cja0gvk][/url:2cja0gvk] [url:2cja0gvk][/url:2cja0gvk]...

    • solankia commented : Watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao Live Streaming Pay Per View Boxing [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] [url:2cshiscl][/url:2cshiscl] Floyd Mayweather will fight Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas on 2 May in what promises to be the richest bout in the history of boxing. The megafight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will break all kinds of boxing records, but the latest numbers are even bigger than many had originally projected. Ticket sales are expected to generate close to $74 million, which would set a live gate record and dwarfing anything the sport has ever seen. You Can Watch Any Boxing Event By This LINK Live Streaming LINK Fight Details WBO WBC WBA welterweight Sat, May 02 2015 Location: @ MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Time: 9pm ET Head to head Floyd Mayweather Nickname =Money Home town=Las Vegas, USA Date of birth=24 February 1977 (37) Stance=Orthodox Height=5ft 8in Pro record=47 fights, 47 wins (26 KOs) Current titles=WBC & WBA welterweight, WBC light-middleweight Manny Pacquiao Nickname=Pac Man Home town=General Santos City, Philippines Date of birth=17 December 1978 (36) Stance= Southpaw Height=5ft 6in Pro record=64 fights, 57 wins (38 KOs), 5 losses, 2 draws Current titles=WBO welterweight American Mayweather, 37, and Filipino Pacquiao, 36, are considered to be the best two fighters of their generation. Mayweather’s WBC and WBA welterweight titles and Pacquiao’s WBO belt will be on the line at the MGM Grand. Mayweather is unbeaten in 47 professional fights; Pacquiao has 57 wins and five losses from 64 contests. The fight is expected to generate as much as £162m ($250m). The most lucrative fight in history is thought to be Mayweather’s bout against Saul Alvarez in 2013, which made an estimated £97m. Mayweather-Pacquiao is also expected to break the record for pay-per-view buys in the United States. The current record of 2.4 million was set when Mayweather fought fellow American Oscar de la Hoya in 2007. Mayweather wrote on his webpage: “What the world has been waiting for has arrived. Mayweather vs Pacquiao on May 2, 2015 is a done deal. “This will be the biggest event in the history of the sport. Boxing fans and sports fans around the world will witness greatness on May 2.” Pacquiao said: “I am very happy that Floyd Mayweather and I can give the fans the fight they have wanted for so many years. “They have waited long enough and they deserve it. It is an honour to be part of this historic event. “I dedicate this fight to all the fans who willed this fight to happen and, as always, to bring glory to the Philippines and my fellow Filipinos around the world.” Mayweather said “giving the fans what they want is always my main focus”. He added: “I am the best ever and this fight will be another opportunity to showcase my skills and do what I do best, which is win. “Manny is going to try to do what 47 before him failed to do, but he won’t be successful. He will be number 48.” Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach, said: “Floyd should enjoy being the A-side while he can. Because on May 2, Manny is going to put him on his backside.” Mayweather and Pacquiao met for the first time at a basketball game in Miami in January, when they exchanged telephone numbers. Mayweather is regarded by many as the finest technician and tactician in boxing, while Pacquiao has built his career on a more aggressive style. Mayweather vs Pacquiao Live, Mayweather vs Pacquiao Pay Per View Boxing, pacquiao vs mayweather tickets, manny pacquiao fight tickets, pacquiao fight , mayweather fight, Mayweather vs Pacquiao free, Mayweather vs Pacquiao free online, Mayweather vs Pacquiao HBO Boxing, Mayweather vs Pacquiao free tv,

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    Urban Studio SPRING / SUMMER 2015

    By prnews, Created on: 05/03/2015, Last updated on: 05/03/2015

    » [attachment=0:2165k2uf]S04-004.jpg[/attachment:2165k2uf] [u:2165k2uf][b:2165k2uf]Menswear[/b:2165k2uf][/u:2165k2uf] Urban Studio began the spring and summer of 2015 with a re-modification on all of its clothing that are made to perfection, including in new sewing techniques and various prints that...

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    By prnews, Created on: 02/03/2014, Last updated on: 02/03/2014

    » Highly anticipated FCB design makes its debut New branding graces Camp Nou Stadium Further cements airline’s commitment to the World’s Best Football Club Doha, QATAR – Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona are taking their partnership to the skies as the airline introduces FC Barcelona’s livery...

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    By prnews, Created on: 13/03/2014, Last updated on: 13/03/2014

    » AT INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SHOW ITB BERLIN Qatar Airways celebrates a year of record aircraft orders Airline reveals its First Class A380 seat at the show A year of alliances sees the airline strengthen its global network Berlin, GERMANY – At a press conference on the first day of ITB Berlin, Qatar...

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    Visa / work permit / resident / citizenship / dual passport - what's required

    Marrying in Thailand

    By boatman37210, Created on: 10/02/2011, Last updated on: 11/02/2011

    » My plans at this point are to go to Thailand in December, marry my fiancee in Thailand, and not return to the US. It's my understanding that if I were already married I would obtain a non-immigrant o visa before leaving the US and convert the o visa to a marriage visa after I arrive in Thailand....

    • boatman37210 commented : [b:88ke8vzl]Contacting an embassy or consulate by email or phone in my experience does not work. They either want you to make an appointment to come in, which is not an option due to distance, or they are impatient on the phone and do not answer your question. If they do attempt to give you an answer, they do it in such a manner that you come away feeling that the answer you received was just to get you to go away. Showing up in Thailand based on a vague answer could cause problems. I post on a forum in hopes of a response from someone who has been through the same process that I will have to go through. I need a visa before leaving the US that will allow me to enter Thailand with a one way ticket. Tourist visa will not do it. The only two options I think are the retirement visa or the 1 year non-immigrant visa. The retirement visa I may or may not be able to qualify for. Unless someone else has better advice, I am going to look at the 1 year non-immigrant. Surely there has to be a way to receive the marriage visa after we are married without having to leave the country. As far as getting it done, I know I can get it done. You can get to Chicago by way of Miami, but doesn’t mean it is the right way to do it. I want to do this the right way if possible and avoid any unnecessary problems or expenses. Armed with good information will, I hope, allow me to accomplish this. Getting information is easy. Getting information that you can hang your hat on is not at least in my experience. Thanks. [/b:88ke8vzl]

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