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    How do we fight corruption?

    By chopinfan, Created on: 19/12/2013, Last updated on: 06/02/2014

    ยป I ran into a very interesting article about how Singapore fought corruption successfully. Surely many will have different opinions t but perhaps we can learn and adapt it for Thailand if people are willing to make this happen quickly.

    • phojunk commented : People really need to start reading on why technocrats is frowned upon by the rest of the world. Soviet Union rings any bell? Anyway I think that to fight corruption, it all ties down to the constitution. How each branches of our government function without a sufficient check and balance. Separation of power. Spread the government's power so that a handfew doesn't get to control the government. Give politicians incentives not to corrupt. Give them incentives to check on each other. By doing this it would not be brute force that fight corruption but the corruption correcting itself. Society have to change also. We have to stop being passive. Like the slogan we hear since we're a child. 'Be a good kid, listen to your mum, your dad, your teacher.' No don't just listen, hear then think critically. And the way we use the word 'play' politics. 'Play' politics. Is this some kind of poker game. Oh damn it actually is quite similar isn't it? Anyway about the constitution part I really recommend people read the James Madison (US founding father) federalists #51. Most of the problems we are suffering from is in this paper and federalists #10.

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