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    So into you, Ariana

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 22/08/2017

    » It's true how beautiful people can do no wrong. They can be doing nothing in front of a screen for 10 minutes and people will still be entranced. That was exactly how Ariana Grande's first concert in Bangkok last Thursday kicked off. With a countdown video of her checking herself out looking pretty, swinging around her hair, interacting with her crew and teasing the audience with "I-can't-hear-you" by leaning her ear in towards the camera.


    Digital blackface

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 21/08/2017

    » I once had an investment banker friend from Hong Kong who was obsessed with Drake, liked to use the term "thug lyfe" and made questionable fashion choices because of his affection for Kanye West. He was the first straight guy I met who wore a form-fitting T-shirt that was long enough to be a dress. With his obvious affinity for all things hip hop, it couldn't have been more "him" when he Whatsapped me using certain emojis. Namely, the black hand, giving a thumbs-up sign.


    Heaven Sent for Southeast Asian talent

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 16/08/2017

    » Laughs that come from close to home will be launching on our screens in exactly one month's time. HBO Asia will be premiering its first comedy drama series, Sent, on Sept 17 exclusively on HBO. Let's tune in and support this work of Southeast Asian talent so the big conglomerate continues to produce stories about Asia -- featuring local talent but with Hollywood standards.


    Get your glad rags ready

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 17/08/2017

    » The biggest fashion gathering of the year has returned.


    DNCE the night away

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 15/08/2017

    » You'd expect the crowd at DNCE to be younger -- I mean high-school young -- but it wasn't as young as many as expected. It's a school night, after all.


    All in the family

    Muse, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 12/08/2017

    » Sitamon "Peach" Pholdee is adorned in huge, glittery musical notes that dangle from her ears and is wearing Sretsis and Saint Laurent silver boots -- thus confirming all the gab we've heard before that she is always excessively and fabulously dressed. That she must be in the spotlight as a consequence of being married to the nation's ultimate heartthrob, Jesdaporn "Tik" Pholdee, has absolutely nothing to do with it.


    Young fashion

    Muse, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 12/08/2017

    » Some of the best pieces for the little ones in stores now


    Thank You Mum

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 10/08/2017

    » Take advantage of these promotions only during this Mother's Day weekend


    Colette's gone to H&M

    Muse, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 05/08/2017

    » Instead of crying a river upon the news of Colette closing this Dec 20, it's probably a better idea to start planning your pilgrimage to the Parisian boutique before it shuts its doors forever -- if you've never visited this temple of cool before.


    Stylishly sleek

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 28/07/2017

    » Last month, Michael Kors gave us an inside look into what they've got stocked for the stores this autumn at their preview in Seoul, Korea. It is now of course de rigueur for an influential figure to attend these trips too, and the nation's bombshell actress, Davika Hoorne, was the chosen celebrity from Thailand.

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